Wonder Where You Can Find Your Lookalike Online

Do we really have our twins present in some corner of this huge world? Do lookalikes actually exist? Is there someone who looks like me? Well, I am definitely sure these questions have struck almost everybody’s mind at least once in their lifetime. I am also sure that many of you have come across this theory that says “ there are 7 people in this world who look similar to you”, which means that all of us have a twin who is present somewhere across this world. I am not sure how much of it stands true, but I am definitely sure that each one of us has that curiosity to know if our twin actually exists.

Even I had the same question in my mind while I was watching a movie that featured twins/lookalikes present in completely two different nations and was a part of that storyline. That’s when I thought if even I had a twin, whom I was completely unaware of and this was what that made me wonder if there was an online tool available which could help me find my twin, which is when I came across this incredible tool on BetaPage called Twin Finders.

These amazing people named Stephanie Bakowski and Daniel Bremiller, who belong to Buffalo have come up with a website recently that allows people to find those who closely resemble them. Both the founders, who have studied computer science and web at the University of Buffalo, created this easy-to-use program that makes use of facial recognition technology and allows anyone to search for their lookalikes in a very effortless manner.

TwinFinders.com has launched this past November and the founders are anticipating for it to become a big hit amongst people who are curious to find those who share similar appearance with them. After all, that’s a human tendency to get curious about such kind of things. All you are supposed to do is just upload your picture to the website and leave the rest upon AI to do it for you. Your face gets analyzed by Artificial Intelligence. An in-depth 120 points of your face are looked on in order to fetch accurate results. The image database quickly searches for matches and compares your face with people from across the globe who have already uploaded their photos. You instantly get top 100 faces matching yours. You even get to share it on Facebook with the help of an FB share button. Have a look:

I tried using it and would love to demonstrate it to you how it actually worked and what results did it show when I used it. I picked up a picture of this popular Hollywood star Miley Cyrus to find who all look like her 😉

  1. Upload an image

2. Crop, adjust and submit!

3. Get more than 100 results displaying the percentage of your resemblance

Voila! And it’s done in just 3 easy steps! Did you ever think it could be that simple? If not, then go give it a try and get to know it by yourself. 🙂 Find your twin online with this simple-to-use tool in no time.