List of Best Water & Amusement Parks in Gurugram Haryana

List of Best Water & Amusement Parks in Gurugram Haryana

Gurugram is the official name of the most popular Gurgaon City in India. This city is located in the Indian State of Haryana. It is also the part of the NCR or National Capital Region of India.

The city is located just at a distance of about 32 kms from the New Delhi. So, tourists visiting Delhi can also visit this city with ease. The economic growth of the city started when India’s popular auto manufacturer Maruti Suzuki established their manufacturing plant here.

Now, the city has the local offices for nearly 250 Fortune 500 Companies. All these facilities make this city the best place to live. So, not just for the locals, but also for visitors to this city, here is the information about 5 amusement parks:

Best Water & Amusement Parks in Gurugram  Haryana

  1. AapnoGhar Resort Amusement and Water Park:

This amusement and water park is located in Sector 77 of the Gurugram City. The modern-day amusement park provides a wide range of entertainment attractions for families. There are nearly 21 thrilling rides in this amusement park for all age groups.

AapnoGhar Resort Amusement and Water Park

In addition, there is a separate area for rides for kids. This park hosts a number of puppet shows and musical stage performances to enthral the visitors. The fast food corner will quench the hunger of visitors, while the video games parlor will quench the thirst for video games in children. This park is designed with the safety of kids in mind.

There is also a water park attached to this amusement park. There are rides like rainbow fall, rain shower pillar, water curtain and water mushrooms to enthral the visitors.

  1. Appu Ghar Water Park:

This water park is located in Sector 29 of Gurugram. The water park is built in an area of 42 acres of land. In addition to a water park, this complex also contains a boutique shopping arcade and an iconic entertainment district. The park is called as Oysters Beach Park, which is spread over 10-acres of land.

Appu Ghar Water Park

The Oysters Beach water park boasts 16 water rides that are of international standards. The park is the home for the India’s tallest 93 feet slide. This slide also holds the pride of being the first free-fall ride.

  1. The Hidden Hour:

The Hidden Hour Offers real-life escape games for visitors. This place is located in Sector 28 at the MGF Metropolis Mall. This is actually a gaming zone, where players will be locked in a room for 60 minutes.

Within the given hour, the visitors should solve many quests and hidden clues. Visitors will also have to answer riddles and should solve puzzles in the room that is filled with many mysterious things.

This is the place to visit for adventure game lovers and also for those looking for thrilling experience. Even though this is not one among the water parks in Gurugram, the visitors looking for amusement will experience it for sure in this hidden treasure.

  1. WetNWild:

This amusement park is actually a part of a resort located in sector 78. This park can be called as the mecca for people interested in entertainment and enjoyment that is filled with elements of colourful experience.

wet n wild gurugram haryana

This park will offer the complete entertainment package that any person looks to offer for his family.

  1. NeverEnuf Garden Railway:

This is the must visit place with kids in Gurugram. Similar to that of the enjoyment kids get when spending time in Gurugram Water Parks, they will surely love this spot.

This garden has a railroad that runs in a miniature magical world. This miniature world gives insights of rail tracks laid in 20,000 square feet area. Here, children will be enthralled with the bouquets of colourful flowers, brown rocky hills, water bodies and many other attractions.

There are areas to play board games with kids and there are also games with interactive controls for kids to learn when they play.

Gurugram has many other attractions apart from amusement parks. So, there is something for any individual to get attracted at this city.