USA B1 / B2 Visa Interview Questions and Answers Tips

USA B1 / B2 Visa Interview Questions and Answers Tips

People travel to the US often for countless reasons. Purposes, to name a few tourism, business, conference, visiting relatives, medical treatment falls under USA B1/B2 visa category. For first timers it is indeed an unnerving experience as stories of different people may add to your fears. When you start a task, you must commence it with optimism and that’s the bottom line to reach success. The US visa process can be completed in a few simple steps, just that you must be aware of it and attend the interview with tons of confidence. The blog outlines a few major guidelines about USA B1/B2 visa process and the interview question and answers.

How to Apply for USA B1 / B2 Visa?

The process begins with collating the documents following the official document checklist and filling up the DS 160 online application form correctly. After completing it submit the application and create an account in US Embassy portal to make the USA visa fee payment. The fee can be paid online or in the bank. Post payment within a day your receipt number will be generated and interview dates will be open for slot booking. You can book a slot of your preference if available in the language you are comfortable in. That being done next stage is the interview preparation at the Consulate. Ensure to verify the documents again that you have gathered to bring during the interview. Few important documents you must take note of are mentioned below: –

  1. Original Passport with a validity of 6 months from the date of return to India from US trip
  2. Bank statements
  3. Payslips and tax statements
  4. Asset papers (land / property) [if any].
  5. Inviter’s documents if invited

Useful Tips for the Interview

It is very unlikely that the visa officer will go through your documents during the interview. The interview process at the Consulate generally last hardly for a minute and all that matters is your confidence and the way you talk.

  1. Have a positive mindset and it will reflect in your dialogue with the visa officer. This may give an overall good impression.
  2. Never be worried. Fear of visa refusal will have a negative effect on your body language and certainly will be manifested at the time of interview.
  3. Know your DS 160 application form thoroughly. What you speak at the interview must match the data provided in the application form if mentioned.
  4. Carry a smile on your face while talking. That shows you are confident and relaxed.
  5. Try to avoid lies at the visa interview. The visa officers are well experienced to distinguish between a false and true statement. Hence, it may not be worthwhile to take such risks.
  6. Avoid getting into an argument with the visa officer at the interview as it can have an adverse effect on all your future US visa applications.
  7. Whichever language you choose to speak, use neutral accents that shows humbleness. It is highly recommended to speak with simplicity and shun flowery words.
  8. Have adequate knowledge about the documents you are carrying. If asked to show, you must be confident enough to know what is what and be quick to display the right documents.

Few US B1 /B2 Interview Questions and Answers

Just as you know, alongside taking care of your conduct during the interview, it is also significant that you identify the possible questions and how to answer them suitably. The following set of questions and answers may help you prepare for your US B1 / B2 visa interview. 

What is the purpose of your visit to the USA?

You must explain your purpose of travel precisely in short sentences. For example, you are going on a tour, or visit someone, or attend business meetings.

Who will be funding for your trip to the USA?

If it’s you, convey the same to the visa officer. In case of a sponsorship, state the person funding and your relationship with the latter.

Is anyone accompanying you on this trip?

Tell them your accompanying family members name which must be mentioned in the application form.

What is your source of income?

It’s a crucial question and in brief sentences convey the complete answer. The answer depends on a person’s work profile that can be employment, business etc. Bring your work-related documents like pay slips, tax returns as a support for your application.

What are you currently doing?

Talk about your current work or business to the visa officer to give an idea about your work background.

In which designation you are working and state the name of your employer?

You can give a straightforward answer about your position in the company and the organization you are associated with.

How much are your earning?

Mention the correct figures of your salary and it must match the amount mentioned in your DS 160 application.

When are you traveling to the United States and when do you intend to return?

Say the correct date of your travel. The consulate officer will get a knowledge about your stay duration in the US.

Where will you be residing in the United States?

Be prepared with the right answer. If you are staying with someone, know their address and tell the same. If not give the name of the hotel or accommodation where you are planning to stay.

Are you visiting someone in the United States?

Mention the name of the person in case you are visiting someone there.

What is your inviter’s visa status?

Have complete knowledge about their visa status in the United States. Carry an evidence like a visa copy to corroborate your answer with appropriate proof.

Is your inviter married?

Give the right answer.

How long has your inviter been staying in the United States?

Know about your inviter’s background a bit before going for the interview. Talk to the person to have a fair understanding of the profile. It will help you avert an awkward situation in front of the visa officer. Must know about the duration of your inviter’s stay in the United States since their first entry into the country.

Give a description of your inviter’s profile?

Similar to the above suggestions gather basic details about your inviter’s profile.

When did you last meet your inviter?

This you are expected to know and must say the correctly as the inviter’s travel dates would be documented every time they travel in and out of the United States.

What are the places you have planned to visit in the United States?

Do a proper research about the places you intend to visit in the United States and the popular tourist attractions in the vicinity. Make sure not to mention places that are far off from the destination mentioned in the DS 160 application form.

Have you traveled abroad prior to this?

Give the right answer as the officer can very well check it in your passport.

Have you booked your flight tickets?

Flight ticket is not in the requirement list. However, you can carry a travel itinerary in accordance with your travel date.

How can you prove that you will return to India after your trip?

Show sufficient family, financial and property ties in India. It gives a feel to the visa officer that you have people and investments here and you will return after your trip.

Do you have properties in India?

Say yes if you have properties in your name and carry the papers as an evidence. If not, bring your parent’s property papers as a support if any.

Think simple, plan straightforward, know the right document checklist and be alert during the visa interview at the Consulate. You will not find it difficult. Get your US visa with precise and organized planning.