Shri Rameshwar Mandir ….. Bhirvande !!!

Bharwandekar Sawant (Patel) Dhar Pawar has been proudly acknowledged in the supposition from time immemorial till date. Bharvande and Sawant (Patel) have a long history in the name of this. Sawant-Patel Utkarsh Mandal, Sindhudurg has been established in the presence of Sawant (Patel) Dhar Pawar, together with the help of Dharparwari (Paramvanshi), in the coming new era in the coming new era. Dharpwar Sawant-Patel community should know about the history of the past, to make it a new generation, to know the history of every village, to the people in the community, who have knowledge of this information and documents. I have a clear view that they need to make that information popular for community information. This writing is an inspiration for Bhavvandekar to know about Sawant Patel and his God.

1) Seeing the former history of Sawant (Patel) Dhar Pawar, Sawant (Patel) on Dharpara is a descendant of Rajput from Parmar. Sawant (Patel) is a descendant of Bhojraj. Bhoj Raja was a famous hero and King of the King. The history of his descendants is, in fact, strong and supernatural and powerful. Therefore, the next generation of this society has also been created in the same way. The history of your family would be very inspiring and proud. It is more important to remember the generation by remembering it. Their enthusiasm will increase. Bhirvandekar Sawant Patel (Dharpwar) is a Parashar clan, and his ancestor is Lord Shiva. God Brahmadev is the tree of Arad (family). Sawant (Patel) from Dhars in Madhya Pradesh from Rajasthan goes to Fonda via Konkan. After that he established himself in the area of ​​Sahyadri and fourteen villages situated at its base. He is a playwright in this center. In the village of Kankavali, he laid his pillar and set his own flag flagstone. After that, they built the base pillars. Later on It was said to be the Chhokhara (the village’s true place of Chaudha) on the bank of the river Kankavali. This is the Samadhi of the original man Lakham Sawant near the Khambawala deity. Sawant Patel Dhar Pawar, which is scattered in the fourteen villages of Lakhm Sawant, the original male of the Savant clan, has been confronted with this Chowdhara Devasthan every three years. Shri Gaikwad, Shri. The order of mentioning the material of Patwai was given to Ram Sawant in that period and it is available. Lakham Sawant’s descendants of Sawant (Patel) Dhar Pawar are scattered in these fourteen villages and in other places. Bhan Sawant, the original man of Sawant Patel Dhar Pawar, got Bhivwande village for colonization. So today’s Bhirvande Sawant’s original man is Bhan Sawant. Then Mr. Bhan Sawant’s family Mr. Bhan Savant Mr. Kit Savant Punal, Shri. Sawant Patel, resident of Khuk Sawant, Yasin Bivane, and Shri Bhan Savant, was rehabilitated in this section by Mr. Lakhm Sawant in Jambulal Bhatale, and he is considered to be the original man of that stereo.

2) There are such documents, from the time of Peshwas, Bhirvandekar was the leader of one hundred eight palanquins.

3) Bhirvande is situated in the Kankavali taluk of Sindhudurg district, in the eastern part of Sahyadri ranges. The village of Bhirwande is situated on the western border of Kolhapur district in Parvat range in the western part of Sahyadri. About 4 km north of Sahyadri main line Me The main queue is known as ‘Mangao’. This range of three ranges of shades of ‘Swale’ in the north of the Sahyadri ranges, ‘Lawauri’ peak in the north-east and ‘Muda’ peak in east ‘Muda’ peak are about 2.5 to 3 Kms. Me The eastern parts are spread out. The village of Bhirwande is situated in the three main areas of this region. Since Bhirwande is situated in this village, the rainy monsoon in this place attracts the attention of the tourists. During this time, the whole village is full of bhivwande, which is full of bounty trees. So, the beauty does not stop the beauty of the tourists. From the place of Kankavali taluka, Bhirvande is situated at a distance of 18 km. Me It’s at the distance. This is Kanadei from the village of Bharwande. Maharashtra State Transport Board bus services are available from Kankavali for going to Bhirwande village. Rickshaw facilities are also available from Kanhey. While entering the village of Bhirvande, on the border of Sangve-Bhirvande village, the buildings of the beautiful nature of Matoshree have been built, and in the same way, at the same time, a beautiful and auspicious temple of Ganapati from the Sangamara, building, building, old old house houses are also captive.

4) Bhirvande and his story are the original villages of the same family. When Bhawan Sawant got Bhivwande village for colonization, his village Sawant Sawant and Dev Sawant were asked to give their names to the colonies. So far, village Rehati of Sangve and Bhirvande village is the same and Devastha of the village Rahti is together.

Sangve and Bhirwande village of Rahti Panchayatan in Sangave village
1) Ling Rameshwar
2) Mahalakshmi
3) Gango
4) Derbadevi
5) Chawata
6) Belpapan
7) Jain Brahmins are Devasthan.

So in Bhirwande village:-
1) Rameshwar
2) Rui
3) Gango
4) Rawalnath
5) Holdev
6) Vitthai                                                                                                                                                                 7) The Melaarkar is a Jagar Devasthan.

Bhirvandekar Sawant Patella’s marriage is done in 2 activities and on other occasions Shreefale of seven places in Bhirvande and seven places in Sangere are offered. In addition to the Godavastha of Gavahati, in the village of Bhirvande, in the village of Bivanewadi, the Brahmin’s Dattamandir, Jambalbhatala, Devastha is situated at the Datta Temple of Bal Sawant, Sri Deveshwar Temple in Murwade, Hanuman Mandir in Hanumanwadi, and in Pathamwadi at Hanuman Mandir and Samadhi Purush Mandir. Sawant Patel Dharapwar is a worshiper of Shiva and Shakti. Therefore, the worship of Shivsurrupa Rameshwar Devata and Shakti Swaroop Bhavani and Darbadevi were worshiped. There are some rules, customs, customs, and traditions that have been set up by Sangavekar and Bhirvandekar, Sawant Patel, for the running of Devasthan. Based on these unwritten customs and traditions, the transactions of Gavahati’s Devasthan are going on in the go. This is an important matter.

5) All Devasthans mentioned above are from Gavahhatat in Sangve and Bhirwande villages. Derbadevi of Sangwe is famous as a mother who runs for the sake of a maid. Bhavani Devi is located in the temple of Dharbadevi. There is no practice of Goddess of Goddess Bhavandekar Sawant’s house. But every three years, all Bhirwandekar is present in the temple of Goddess. Similarly, from the nearby Piyali river to Khardapatan, to Guadnut in kankavli and Kumbhade on the foothills of Sahyadri, Ta. From Kanewali village Achar-Kunkeshwar – Devgad to the Arabian Sea, Chauryanshishi Khedi and Devasthanan, the village of Maujkhedi and Devastha, this village is known as Mauje Salishi tal. Dev Dev, situated in Devgad, is owned by Shri Dev Siddheshwar and Sridevi Purnai. Therefore, these places of worship are known as superiors of four villages. Devasthan, which belongs to Bhirvande and Rameshwar Debbadevi of Sangave Village under the control of Sridevi Siddheshwar and Sridevi Padangai Inam Devasthanas. According to Bharvandekar and Sangavekar’s orders, Mahashivratri used to go to the sea bath with Lavashmani in Kunkeshwar. At that time, Darbadevi had left the place from the fixed place in Devgad Taluka of Dev Siddheshwar and Sridevi Pavanii in Moje Salasi and went on a trip to Kunkeshwar. This ceremony is an indescribable one. Such knowledge tells It is the need of the hour to know all the people in their village. Otherwise, in the course of time, this method, custom, tradition, rites Etc. The possibility of destruction can not be ruled out.

6) Naturally received geographical location in Bhirvande village; Matoshree old age man on the boundary of Bhirwande village, temples with the invention of awakened and old architectural art, Rameshwar temple, Bhakta Niwas, nature beautification of the garden garden, hills, rivers, etc. The village has got a unique splendor. Basically, the identity of any village depends on the economic and social status of the village. Today, Bhirwande has given several MPs, MLAs, Zilla Parishad, Chairmen, Panchayat Committee chairpersons, mayors and others who have played other areas. The village whose history is strong enough to be as big as a hometown. Bhavvande is the educational place of Dhanapwar, Sawant Patra’s ancestor who gave such history the history. Before the century, he started his schooling and made himself known. The British government has also been following the faith of Bharwandekar’s education. Before the century, he started his schooling and made himself known. Seeing the faith of Bharvandakkar’s education, the British Government also introduced special English classes of 1 to 3 students in this village in 1921. Bharvandekar has a lot to say about this thing. In this area, children and girls of Bhirwande village are seen working in a big place in the field of military advocates, engineers, doctors, politics, social workers, education, professors, bankers, entrepreneurs and music. This transformation is a tribute to education. The faith of the people of this village is on our village, our God. It is also on the Saraswati. Therefore, Bhikandekar Sawant and his papyahuun are celebrating many festivals and other festivals such as Dikhla, Dusara, Holi, Week, Navratri, Ghundhal, which are held in the Rameshwar temple in Bhirvande village. Our village is happy and progressing with blessings of all the Gods of our God Rameshwar Darbadevi Panchayat. Therefore, this writing is an inspiration to know about the well-being of God and God in Kaliyuga. Progressive progress of the village, good luck!

Bhairwande’s original man: Bhan Sawant
Kuladavit: Tulja Bhavani
Kuldevi: Kaliya Mata
Gram Devi: Derbadevi
Gothra: Parashar
Incarnate: Shiva-Shakti
Adorable Tree: Pax
Sawant Borne Origin: Lakham Sawant