Shibani Air Services – 10 Key Questions to Prepare for Aviation Interview

Well, this is really a beneficial moment to be connected with Aviation Industry as it is now offering ample of employment opportunities. But, to become a part of the aviation industry is not that easy. For this, you have to do a lot of preparation in advance so that you may rightly answer all the interview questions in one go.

To assist you with homework, in this article, the expert from Shibani Air Services has provided the list of 10 key questions asked amid airline job interviews and how to answer them.

Q1: Tell me about yourself.

Answer: This question wants you to provide fundamental information such as your name, native place, age, family members at first, further details about your educational background and earlier employer with your roles and responsibilities managed by you. Seems quite simple, correct? It is simple but will make you different from other candidates is how you reveal everything. So, better make it engaging.

Q2: What influenced you to chase a degree in Aviation?

Answer: If an interviewer makes this question, at that point he is striving to know your reason for selecting this career. He needs to know whether this was a well-planned choice on your part or not.

Q3: Why do you need to be a pilot / an air-hostess?

Answer: There are many jobs one can opt for in the aviation industry but what motivates you to choose a specific field is something an interviewer needs to know. An incredible thought would be to prepare a rundown of the reasons before going for the interview.

Q4: What do you know about our airline?

Answer: For this specific question, the Internet comes as an incredible help. Do intensive research of the airline for which you are going up for the interview. Visit their official site, read their about us page as well as company history, use some time in reading their Wikipedia page also and update yourself about any new developments that may have occurred in the company.

Q5: What are your strengths/weaknesses?

Answer: Telling an interviewer what your qualities are is simple yet telling your weaknesses can be severe. Now and then individuals don’t understand that they have a weakness and numerous waver to share them. But what’s significant is to be completely sincere in your answer.

Q6: How would you respond if you get your colleague not performing their job?

Answer: You have to construct this answer based on a genuine circumstance. You can clarify how a specific colleague was not doing his/her job right, how you entered in to correct it and what the outcomes were. Yet, how you tell this will give a peek into the problem-solving state of mind you have as well as what you think ofyour associates. So abstain from condemning your partners at any cost.

Q7: Do you work best when alone or when in a team?

Answer: There is just a single response to this question. Airlines search for candidates who can be an awesome team player and your answer ought to mirror this attribute in you.

Q8: Tell us what your hobbies are.

Answer: The reason for asking this question is to evaluate your people abilities. In this manner, ensure you tell about a side interest which includes other individuals, for example, hosting friends or playing a sport.

Q9: Have you applied at any other airline?

Answer: If you have applied somewhere else, disclose to them frankly. This will mirror that you are really intense about a job change. In any case, keep in mind to include that their airline is your ideal choice.

Q10: Do you have any questions for us?

Answer: It is essential that you do ask at least one question if an interviewer asks you to. In the event that you can’t consider anything to ask, at that point get some information about the following stage in the recruitment process.

In Conclusion

Are you planning to apply for Female Airport Jobs in Kolkata? These normally asked questions assist interviewers in knowing their aspirant’s personality and decide if he/she will be an excellent fit for their airline. Practice your answers well ahead of time and you will undoubtedly shine amid the interview.