Five Common WordPress Misconception

We all know that WordPress is a great choice for publishing website and content management systems. You can publish your blog as well. It is easy to handle and have a lot of features. It provides a lot of space for personalization and easy WordPress account sign up. This is not just a blogging site, ordinary people can use to share some experiences, special activities, and other interests. It is also a platform that you can use to further establish your online presence. When you create your account on this website then you can easily handle the WordPress blog sign up and sign in process. It is a very famous website across the world, but some people spread a lot of myths about it. Some 5 common WordPress misconceptions are described by us and these are-

The Misconception Of WordPress Security

Some people do not know much about WordPress so there is a lack of some security reason in their minds. They think that someone will harm their website or will be hacked by anyone. Runaway from this misconception because it is a very secure website. Many types of security option are given to the user. A lot of people are working to make this WordPress security even better. Some extra security examples are under listed.

  • Strong security password.
  • Two-step verification
  • Automatically log out
  • Wordfence security plugins
  • Firewall
  • Post-hack action
  • Protection from brute force attack
  • Security threat detection notification
  • All file scanning

WordPress sites are looking same

Some people think that all WordPress sites are looking the same. This vanity is wrong because WordPress contains a huge amount of themes. Many themes are available free of cost, but some commercial themes have the small price. You can select any different theme for your website. You can customize or add your theme, logo, color etc. So this is a wrong myth because all WordPress sites are not looking the same.

Difficult to use the WordPress

It is a beginner friendly website and any beginner can easily use this website. It helps to create a simple blog. Some misconception about this site that it is very difficult to use by beginners. But you can easily work on this website because all options and process are easily found by anyone. WordPress also provides a help support for the user. If you face any problem then you can easily communicate with the help support members.

WordPress for the small business site

Some people have a misconception that it is only for small business sites but they are wrong because it is started as a blogging platform but now it is developed and many large companies are working with this. It contains the content management system that helps to create any type of website. Many types of the large brand using the WordPress for their site. It contains many plugins and themes that help to make a beautiful design for your website. So this myths is wrong because the large number of people using the WordPress.

WordPress image quality

Some people think that WordPress site has a low image quality for the sites. It is not true because it supports all types of WordPress image. You can attach jpeg, gif, png etc image quality for your websites. You can also attach any type of video on your website. It supports any type of format as compared to other websites. Image quality is not compressed by the WordPress. You can only adjust your image but image quality are same.

WordPress Support

These common WordPress myths confused the mind but all are wrong because WordPress is best for the user. Some people think that the future of this site is not secure. A large number of people every day create their website on the WordPress. Now it is very famous and a big team is working with this. If you want to create your own then you can easily make your website on this. If you face any issue on the working then you can easily communicate with the help support agents. The agents are available on the support website or you can also call the tech support number. When you visit the support site then the number is available on the site. All the support agents are technically qualified and solve any problem.