Which Bathroom Accessories Must Have its Place in Your Bathroom – Showers or Bathtub?

The combination of both the `Bathroom Accessories Singapore i.e. shower and bathtub are the most general kind of fixture you will find in household bathrooms. This is due to that they are practical, they are effective, and they provide the alternative for having either a quick shower or a long bath. Nonetheless there are a few disadvantages as well. When they are useful for families with young kids, they can cause problems for older people or those with mobility issues.

While the shower and bathtub has been prominent for quite a while, the most recent trend in bathroom redecorations is to get rid of the combo and supplant it with a freestanding tub and a different glass framed shower. In the event that you have the space and the budget, it is recommended to let it all out, as you obtain the best of both worlds. However, actually numerous restrooms can’t have room for this layout, and numerous individuals’ budgets just can’t deal with it. So the question for these people is: bathtub, shower or both?

Bathtub and Shower Advantages and Disadvantages

If you are all set to modernize your bathroom, then first determine what to do about the bathtub/shower situation by thinking about some of their advantages and disadvantages.

Bathtub Advantages

  • Best for relaxing sore muscles.
  • Perfect for bathing small children.
  • Comes in an assortment of sizes to go well with every single size bathrooms.
  • Freestanding units can be put just about anywhere, as they are done on all sides.
  • A broad spectrum of design options (material, style, tile surrounds etc.)
  • Ample of unique features available involving whirlpool versions, air jets, etc.

Bathtub Disadvantages

  • Can be hard for older people as well as people with injuries to get in and out.
  • Requires great space.
  • Needs large amount of water.
  • You require a water heater with the sufficient capacity to fill up the tub with hot water.
  • It can be slow to fill up a tub and bathe.

Shower Advantages

  • Use small amount water than bathtubs.
  • Rapid and handy.
  • Easy used by the people with mobility problems. They can also be prepared with non-slip tiles, grab bars, and benches.
  • Small footprint
  • Numerous great features available involving jets and steam, rain showers options.

Shower Disadvantages

  • Not useful for people with children.
  • Shower doors need time to time cleaning and maintenance to prevent them from getting visible lime as well as calcium stains.
  • Leaks can be a big problem to fix. They must be fixed correctly, glued appropriately and enabled to dry for the sufficient amount of time, abandoning you with no other option to bath for laarge amount of time.

Bathtub vs. Shower –Which one is Value for Money?

In the greater part of homes the shower gets utilized significantly more than the tub, and thus there’s a trend towards disposing of bathtubs totally and rather going for open, stand up shower slows down. While this may suit your own tastes, it is not a great thought with regards to ROI. Before you tear out your bathtub give some genuine idea to the purchasers who may be interested in purchasing your property down the line. It is advisable to have a beautiful, good material Bathtub Singapore in the bathroom and enjoy a spa like feel.