Look Out For Canada Drugs

For the people who do not have adequate insurance to cover their entire expensive medical bills regularly search for alternative medicines which are cheap and easily available. Prescription drugs are often very costly and elderly people and the ones who live off pension can find it a little difficult to purchase them. The alternate that these people search for, leads them to pharmacies selling Canada drugs.

Senator Charles E. Schumer from New York conducted a survey on Canada Drugs Cost. This survey was done in order to get a bill passed. Now, the bill if passed would allow the chemists, pharmacists and other related people to have an access to Canada drugs and the drugs even from other countries. The survey revealed that across 120 pharmacists in the city, there was a huge gap between the prices of prescription drugs in US and in Canada. But the quest for a cheaper substance may sometimes backfire as the medicines may or may not be suitable.

But FDA suggests otherwise. According to them, the idea of getting Canada drugs or drugs from any other countries because they are cheap is not a very good one. Doing so will not solve anyone’s financial problems; instead it might increase it. Every country has different regulations and standards regarding the medical pills and combinations. Taking Canadian drugs or a medicine from a country whose drug standards are unknown to us can expose our body to more illness. Since these medicines will not be checked by the FDA, people would risk themselves to counterfeit medicines or drugs with unknown quality. Since many of these drugs sold at some Canadian pharmacy will be sold without prescription, a person will not be able to find out whether this is a correct alternate or not.

The NABP or the National Association Boards of Pharmacy says that once the patients start consuming medicines on which they have no control, people are putting themselves to great risk. Canada drugs provided may be contaminated or even expired. In both the cases, it poses a great danger to the people who consume it

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