Get Full Performance Out Of Your Aircon

If you want to get the full performance out of your aircon, then you need to maintain it well. Regular cleaning is required so that the aircon can give you the proper cooling. An aircon sucks in air from outside and sends in cool air to your house. While the air is being sucked in, dust will automatically be sucked in too. Over time your filters are sure to get clogged with dust. This will reduce the performance of your aircon. It is not just the filters that will get clogged, but also the water drain pipe which will be blocked by dust. Once the dust gets inside, unless you do a complete aircon cleaning you cannot get the desired cooling from your aircon.

SG Aircon Zone is a company that has specialized in aircon servicing and cleaning. We have highly trained professionals who can clean aircon of any brand or model. They can do the job perfectly and get your aircon back to giving the best performance. We also have the most modern equipment to service your aircon. When we do a cleaning work we will completely clean the filters and the front covers which will have dust in them. We will also check the water drain pipes and ensure that there is no block in the pipe.

Once we have cleaned your aircon you will get the desired cooling from your aircon. Further, there will be no foul smell after we have cleaned it. There will also be no water leakage which was due to the blocked drain pipes. Cleaning an aircon will also reduce the noise it produces. Most importantly your aircon will consume less power as it doesn’t have to work more to give you the required cooling. Get an aircon cleaning done by SG Aircon Zone and enjoy the best cooling ever.

SG Aircon also sells aircon. We sell the most prestigious and best brand in Japan. Our Mitsubishi aircon sale has attracted many people to us. It is one of the best brands of aircon available today. Moreover, we offer you two services in the first year of purchase absolutely free of cost.

Apart from the regular cleaning, it is important to do an aircon chemical overhaul to give it the full cleaning. There are many parts which will not be completely cleaned with the normal cleaning work. In our chemical overhaul, we will dismantle the whole unit and clean every part with chemicals. This will not just give you the required cooling but also improve the life of the aircon.