Top 7 Free and Open Source HR Software for Small Business


Every organization, large or small, uses a variety of capital to make the business work. Capital includes cash, valuables, or goods used to generate income for a business. All companies have one thing in common: they must have people to accounting software make their capital work for them.

In the competitive era organisation are looking for More advanced methods for handling human resource. Advance technology upgradation for H.r accounting emerging day after day. To handle and manage this accounting organisation also need effective Human resource.

Why HR Software ?

While success in a business is a factor of strategies employed, products, and technology, to a large extent, it depends on how a company manages its labour force. This is why it is very crucial for employers to effectively manage and handle their human resource department, retain employees and keep them motivated.

Human Resources management software is combination of Human Resources functions including payroll, employee recruitment, performance analysis, training etc. The main purpose is to organize and simplify the way human resource individuals get their work done.

HR software cover the full spectrum of the tasks associated with Human Resources Department, including tracking and improving process efficiency, managing organizational hierarchy, and simplifying financial transaction of all types.
The key features
• Payroll
• Time and attendance
• Performance appraisal
• recruiting/learning management
• Performance record
• Employee self service and analytics

Top 7 Free and Open Source HR Software

1. Open source ERP
The Open Source ERP is web based which contains a web interface for administration of the system and a n active directory based on Sogo. The open Source ERP software is used in a wide range of areas, which is suitable for a company with few hundred employees as well as small businesses from one person

Features :-
A. Run without installation
B. Web-based operations
C. Personal Data
D. Time and Attendance
E. Scheduling

2. Waypoint HR
WaypointHR is cloud-hosted HR Database platform for small business which manages employee records and personal information and allow users to create as many employees records as needed and have free upgrades and unlimited source code customization.
A. Employee records
B. Employee search system
C. Track on employee leave
D. Contract details

Sentrifugo is power packed human resource tool for small sized enterprises which is easy to setup and flexible to configure with an intuition interface, envelops the most efficient human resource module.
a. Time management
b. Employee lifecycle management
c. Compliance management
d. Timesheet
e. Activity log
4. HR.My is a free and multi user online Human Resources, Payroll and E-leave management platform which lets user add unlimited number of employees, who can also get to sign up their employee Web Accounts for free and also empowers employees involved in hr Functions to manage the employer account.

a. Option to customize number of days in each alert item
b. Expenses claim management
c. Employee education history
d. Resume management
e. Variable pay

5.Zoho People
Zoho people is very simple and flexible HR management platform which covers employee management operations from record time/attendance and leave.

a. Admin operations
b. Time and attendance tracker
c. Hr process automation
d. Centralized employee information
e. Team calendars
f. Self service portal

6. Staff Squared
Staff Squared is HR solution Platform that supports varied HR functions. It was developed By Atlas who initially created the application for their own company. Staff Squared can be integrated with Google Calendar or MS Outlook which allows employees to have one application for calendar updates and reminders

a. Automated reporting
b. Time tracking
c. Mobile access
d. Reminder function
e. Employees goal setting

7. Humi
Humi is a powerful and cloud based HR software which is perfect combination of quick and efficient access and also quite digestible for any industry at very low cost and manages everything from account to benefit plan for the employee as well as the organization.

a. self service management
b. Payroll management
c. Pay slip
d. PF/ESIS calculation
e. Onboarding
f. Performance appraisal

We say that organisations are growing very fast, this is because they think for their Human resource and workforce. Organisation environment is changing because they are looking for easy solutions for managing human resource.
Software Developer are Focusing on some feature of managing Human Resource which make it easy through automation
• employee recruitment, onboarding and retention
• talent management and workforce management
• job role assignment
• compensation
• labor law compliance
• performance management
• learning and training
• succession planning
• employee engagement and recognition
Now a days organisation treat their human resource as company assets, because they are the key person of the organisation who are making lots of profit to the organisation. If organisation make its operations easy for Human Resource it will definitely will increase the human resource working efficiency . Different accounting Software company are getting chance to make HR management easy and modernised. To increase workforce turnover new Automation are taking place. Organisation are taking help of this modernised technology to improve their Human Resources.
Yes this Automation will likely to improve efficiency of work in the organisation. And help organisation to compete with other Organisation.