Top 5 SEO Strategies for eCommerce Websites to Engage the Visitors

The SEO strategies for eCommerce are focused on engaging the users. User engagement is of paramount importance if you want your online business to succeed. Having the perfect website and offering unique products or services alone won’t help if the site is not visible on search engines or if it does not engage the users. When users get engaged, they make repeated visits to the website, which leads to brand retention, brand loyalty and eventually more sales for the business.


Here are a few of the top SEO strategies, which can engage the visitors:

Communication Is Must

Every digital marketing company knows the importance of understanding and monitoring the behavior of users. This is important to receive data and create an actionable promotion. They make use of various mobile management tools like questionnaires, banners etc. to motivate the users to come to the desired website and stay engaged.

Engage by Running Contests

The surveys and contests attract a lot of internet users. These contests, besides engaging the potential customers, also help in building the brand awareness. The eCommerce SEO techniques involve creating contests that are relevant to a particular niche you are aiming at. They also make sure that the winners of the contest get some goodies, which further publicizes your brand.

Reach Out to Them at a Measured Interval

While everyone hates spam, it is also true that if you are not seen in a while people tend to forget about you soon. So, keep reaching out to them by sending some useful information in the form of messages or emails. The SEO strategies for ecommerce dictate that you need to be crisp and clear in the content that you send in messages and email campaigns. This way, you can engage them, which will lead to an increase in the open-click rate.

Provide Sharing Options to Your Users

Sharing should be a two-way process. When you are sharing your content with the users, provide them with sharing options so that they can also share it in their social circles. This will not only keep the users engaged but also help in promoting your business on various social platforms by sharing your content.

Make Your Online Store Interactive and Appealing

Unless your online store is appealing, user-friendly and interactive, the people landing on it will lose interest very soon and abandon it. If you want to keep them engaged, it should have a clean and organized layout. Adding small videos or good quality pictures about products and their usage helps in keeping them engaged. The product information provided in a fun and crisp manner keeps them engaged and motivates them to take the next step of ordering it.


The SEO strategies for eCommerce focus a lot on how to engage the users and build their trust in the brand. The brand that communicates in an effective manner with the users and also makes this communication a two-way process succeeds in winning their trust and confidence.

Author bio:

Micheal Anderson is a web developer and SEO expert with Techmagnate. He has great interest to share the informative post on the various services like as eCommerce website development, CMS, SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing etc.