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Top 50 search engine submission sites with high pr

Dofollow high pr search engine submission site list , search engine submission  posting is the best strategy to acquire related back links to major search engine list and generate targeted visitors to your blog or website. The more threads and comments your submission, the extra visitors you obtain from your participation. The best Dofollow search engine submission sites  commenting sites are continued if you require more backlinks, you could constantly utilize Top SEO forum posting sites list to acquire popularity on the internet. Dofollow search engine submission site  could get you to your aim.

Tips for search engine submission sites .

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to seo is not planning their high pr  search engine submission sites correctly. It’s very important that your site is fit and healthy before you think of submission it to the major search engines. The simple reason for this is that it’s much easier to clean your website of any bad code and error before than it is two try and remove bad pages once they have been added to the major search engines submission . So think carefully before starting your search engine submission

important factors you must check before any form of search engine submission sites

  1. Make sure you website does not contain any broken links and this includes images. A website frontpage containing broken links could result in some of your pages not being spidered correctly.

2. Check website against one of the many html and CSS validator websites available freely on the internet. One of the most popular sites on the internet for this job is the official W3C validation site. This site will check any page on your website and let you know how many errors your have and some detail about how to fix it.

3. I strongly advise you to spend some time lowering your error rate through this site before proceeding to search engine submission. If you are diligent enough in this task your may even get to the point where your site is error free and will allow you to publish the green certified stamp at the bottom of your site stating that your site is well designed and developed.


There are also many good quality HTML editor tools available on the internet, which contain validation check tools already built into the software. Just type validator check tool or html check tool into Google and you should find plenty to choose from. Badly written code can play a big part in some search engine spiders refusing to map your pages.

Now we are ready to do some search engine submission.

There are several ways you can approach this and i have highlighted some of the most popular ways to search engine submission your websites to the major search engine. sites

You could go down the rout of either free or paid for software packages which are available in the Internet and these can be used to help take the pain out of the high pr search engine submission sites process. They do this by automating the process of search engine submission sites and this is done easily once you have completed a few pages of basic information. There are few drawback with automated tools though while search engine submission .

Some of the major search engines have started to downgrade this type of search engine submission  and have started to include such things as passwords into their search engine submission process to stop automated submissions. also you cannot be sure that the tool has submission your website pages correctly to all the search engines and they sometimes contain outdated search engine submission urls that do not work.

So how about paying for a company to search engine submission your websites through third party website service. There are no shortage of companies out there willing to supply this service for you by getting you to enter your url into their site for batch submission to the search engines. But and this is a big but! You should be very cautious of using any automated online high pr and DA search engine submission sites service. One of the big problems is that you do not get any detailed reporting of which High DA search engines your site was submission to and which search engines excepted or rejected your pages.

Once you have clicked on the free search engine submission the rest is in the lap of the Gods. Also there more free high pr  search engine submission they promise the worse it can be. Some services promise to best search engine submission your site to hundreds if not thousands of high pr search engines and the problem with this is simple. Their are only 5 major search engines you need to worry about and the rest are nothing more than copes of the big five giving you little traffic or FFA free for all lists which do nothing more than collect emails for spamming purposes. This is not a method of search engine submission sites I would recommend.

 search engines guidelines on submission –

Maybe the best and most reliable way of free search engine submission sites is to do it manually yourself.  free submission your site to the top 10-20 search engines and take your time. This can be time consuming but at least you are in control of every aspect of the submission process. free search engine submission sites is a very important step in your website success so it pays to take a little time and do the job correctly. You will have full control over the detail submitted, the pages and any problems that may occur allowing you the fix them quickly.’


Free Dofollow Search Engine Submission Sites High Pr


Remember to read the search engines guidelines on submission and often include such things as how many pages you are allowed to search engine  submission within a given time period and should stop the search engine marking your submission as spam. Ensure you add a good description of your site and not just a list of keywords. You want the description draw people into your site not scare them away.

High Pr Search Engine Submission How to Submit your website to Google, Bing Search Engines


There’s no need to do free submission anymore than 3 or 4 of your pages as long as you make sure they are the important pages and that the best search engine deep crawls your site so picking up all the other pages. A good example of the pages should include your home page, your site map and one other important page that you feel must be crawled and viewed by customers or contained very important spider information about your

Free Dofollow Search Engine Submission Sites High Pr

Free Dofollow Search Engine Submission Sites High Pr


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