What’s the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO methods?

There are so many major differences between White hat seo methods and Black hat seo methods. These two black hat SEO method and white hat SEO method has to do with the techniques which we are used to improve our search engine ranking for our websites.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat seo method focuses on search engine and not so much on a human audience. Black hat seo method is typically used by those people who need a sudden result or get a sudden ranking in the search engines.They mainly focus on money marketing websites rather than a long-term investment on their actual website.

Some of the major techniques used in black hat seo includes keyword stuffing, hidden texts, link farming, spammy links blog content spamming, and tier linking method. The after effect of black hat seo can ban your website from the search engines. Search engines like google and bing will de – indexed as a penalization for using these type of black hat seo methods.

The Different methods used in Black Hat SEO

Unrelated keywords: While doing black hat seo, they try to add keywords that have no connection with your post or content in your website. The search engine will make a red flag on those pages because of how unnatural it looks.

Keyword Stuffing : One of the most common method used in black hat seo is Keyword Stuffing which refers to the practice of loading a webpage with keyword numbers in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results.This includes packing long lists of keywords without proper formation. This will give a negative result in google search engines and they can harm your site ranking.

Doorway pages: It is used to create dummy pages that are overloaded with many keywords that makes the webpage easier for search engines to find. However when we try to click these pages in search engine they will automatically redirect to separate pages which has no proper content to your keywords.

Cloaking: This is the other method used in black hat seo. They will deceptive the strategy involving visitors and major search engines completely different from the content they are searching for. This method is used by search engines so that they display a URL when it would not otherwise be displayed.

Invisible Text : Another common black hat seo technique is to hide the keywords in white text on a white background in which, setting the font size to zero. Some other people try to buy a link in a small character which are used to attain the search engine spiders.

Page Hijacking – is another method used in black hat where people creates a dummy and poor content which is served to crawler like the original content for the spiders.It guides website users to some nasty or fraud websites when they click the links.

Keep in mind that these methods are referred to black hat seo methods for a reason. They will affect your ranking in search engines or the site can be banned or penalized with a lower rank.


What Is White Hat SEO ?

White hat seo as the name already refer is to point. The white hat seo is used for creating proper content for the user they only focus on the proper and quality content for the visitor not for the search engines. Creating a quality content in the website is more important because it shows the search engines that your website contents are unique and appropriate to display in the first page of the search engines.

White hat seo only follows the seo guidelines by using the proper white hat seo all the content indexed in the search engine are same as the content which users are looking for. White hat seo focus on proper and quality content, they will be well focus and well written content with proper meanings these content will be helpful to the users they are looking for.

The white hat also focuses on the crosslinking of internal website pages where appropriate as well as building the proper inbound and outbounds links to the trusted websites. By doing these they will attain a steady ranking in the search engines.

Some of the techniques that are used in white hat seo include keyword, keyword analysis, rewriting proper meta tags, backlinking, link building as well as writing proper and quality content for human readers. By using these white hat SEO methods we can make a long-term investment on their websites as well as they will attain a good ranking in search engines

The Different methods used in White hat SEO

Quality content : We all know that content is the king, by creating proper content in the websites shows the search engines that your site is unique and appropriate to display. By writing the content you need to research for keywords that are both short and long tail and are relevant to your site is necessary to do as well. Be sure that you need to include proper keywords naturally in headings tags, link anchor texts and page titles. Note that it is important to add new content regularly. The most quality content your sites is better to rank in the search engine fast. Although creating quality seo content and meaning full seo content may be time consuming, it will be well worth it in the long run SEO.

keyword research: While writing contents you need to research for keywords that are both short and long tail and are relevant to your site is necessary to do as well keywords still hold value when used correctly.




When keyword research your site, it should be focused to a set of good keywords. You always keep in mind that short terms keywords are not most effective target. Try to add long tail keywords which are much more specific to your content thus the content will generate a good ranking in search engine. You can use google keyword planner for selecting proper keywords for your content.

Internal Link Building : This is one of the best method used in white hat seo to get higher ranking in the search engines. By internal linking your are tightening the relation among all your web pages.

However there are few things you need to take action when you are trying for internal linking:

Insert no more than 5 internal links within a single blog post.
The internal links need to be highly related to your target posts and matching content

Social Media Marketing: The white hat seo online presence on the social media platforms can also get high rank and traffic towards your websites, social media platform like Google Plus influences your ranking on the search result pages greatly.

Create descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags: By using the white hat method you are creating the proper descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags in the website pages.

Backlinks : a most commonly used technique in seo is to get high ranking in search engines. The number of backlinks in seo directly indicates the popularity and domain authority of your website in search engines.

Site Mapping and Organization: Laying out your site in seo is a way to optimize for search engines to makes it easier to crawl and index your site in google.

Search engines spiders also place emphasis on certain locations on your page like the title tag, headings, and internal and outgoing links. You can use this idea to map out your site and high-prioritize the search keywords in most valuable locations to get higher ranking.

Effectiveness of white hat vs black hat SEO

The final aim of both white hat and black hat SEO methods is to boost a webpage in search engines and get higher traffic. While the end goal of black hat seo and white hat seo strategies is the same. methodology and thought process behind each are very different Black hat seo strategies are much more effective in the short run seo attract some marketers that want fast results in the seo.The effectiveness of white hat seo is better than black hat seo techniques.

Most seo professional agree that white hat techniques take longer to improve search rankings through quality content while playing nice with Google and they will stay long time of period in the search engine.

Consequences of Black hat vs White hat SEO

Even though you will get quick results, make black hat SEO method it will affect after a short time and banned your site from search engines. Moreover black hat SEO methods give only short term results.

White hat SEO method, we can get your site ranked higher by use of ethical techniques such as good content,proper keyword, heading title tags, quality backlink and a combination of smart marketing angles providing long lasting results.