Content Optimization: How to Increase Traffic

So let’s get started. I’ll explain how to optimize your existing content and increase your ROI in three simple steps:

1. Study your content

2. Evaluate your content

3.Build your content

Step 1: Study your content

The first step to optimizing your content is to have a global view.

Step 2: Rate your content

Fill in all the content of your site in a spreadsheet. Now for each page fill out:

Your target audience targeting.

The goal of your content.

Step 3: Optimize content

You have seen so far what to check. Let’s look at it as well:

Increase traffic through ourĀ website optimization strategy.

Increase the organic traffic driven by your existing content: integrate the right keywords and increase the clickthrough rate (CTR).

The right keywords for the right pages

It is almost self-evident, but let’s stress it anyway:

If you do not incorporate the right keywords into the correct pages, these pages will have poor ranking for those words.

rioritize these items:

Title: Embed your most important keywords at the beginning of your title and target a title of 30 to 60 characters (and 285 to 575 pixels).

Meta description: Embed important keywords in the meta description. When users search for these keywords, they will appear bold in the snippets. This makes your score more impressive, which in turn leads to more clicks. Keep the description 70 to 155 characters (and 430 to 920 pixels).

H1 header and heading H2: Place important keywords in these headings.

Content: Make sure the keywords you want to sort are in the text of your article. Even experienced SEO experts do forget this at times.

Internal links to pages: Create internal links from relevant pages on your site to that page, with important keywords as their text.

Stand Out: Make sure you are out of your competition. Think out of the box and use structured markup – like reviews. Google displays stars for reviews pages. This is an important differentiator as it makes you look different and better!