An Effective Guide To Local SEO And How To Be On Top

The importance of local SEO is increasing significantly and it has become a vital part of the strategies that are looking to gain a competitive edge in the current times of digitization. If you are one of those businesses that want a success for the long term then you need to invest in the local SEO.


What is local SEO?


It is known as an effective and influential local marketing that mainly provides the result to the searchers, based on their current location. For instance, if you are looking for the leading restaurants in your area and have put the query ‘best restaurants in Las Vegas’ in Google search bar, the results will pop up in front of you with some of the best restaurant operating in Las Vegas.

The point to think about is that if you are one of the restaurant owners in Las Vegas, is Google going to show your business in the results? Doing local SEO will make sure that your site or a specific page of it is optimized to show up for a local query in the search engine.

Undoubtedly in the last decade or so, local SEO has gained immense popularity and has become an integral part of the overall SEO strategy. The excessive usage of Smartphones has taken it newer heights. All around the world, millions of people use search engines and business directories like Yelp for finding business and service providers of their interest.

According to statistics, around 90% of the people have searched for a local business in the last year. Below are some of the pointers you need to be aware of to dominate the local searches.


Google My Business is key


It is an easy and extremely beneficial tool that assists the businesses and organizations in managing their presence online on Google. If you don’t use Google My Business tool then you may not be able to make it on local map listings in the search results which are being used by Google for local search queries. It is necessary to add all the relevant information to your profile.

The creation, verification and activation of a business page on Google My Business will only take a few simple steps. After your business page is verified and activated, you need to start optimizing your online presence. There are a number of features from Google that allow you to optimize your Google My Business listings.


On-page Optimization


On-page optimization is known as any SEO activity that is done on the website. Around 25% of the elements which assist a website in ranking in terms of local SEO are on-page factors. Some of the factors are title tags, meta description, to name, address, phone number, images and more ensure that all the elements of on-page are optimized for local search.

Before you start optimizing your title tags, alt tags and meta descriptions, make sure you have developed a strategy and use the local keywords by following this strategy.


Mobile optimization


You are doing any good to yourself if your site isn’t mobile optimized. To survive and compete in the current time, it is important to have a site that is mobile responsive. Google also keeps on updating its mobile search algorithm or the displaying of listing that can be easily viewed on smartphones.

Mobile optimization is extremely vital due to the reason that a vast majority of local searches are performed through mobile phones. To serve your customers well and to gain popularity on search engines, you need to get above user experience (UX), interface design and responsive layouts.

Test your site for mobile friendliness as it will give you an idea of where you need to improve.


Use of local content


While optimizing your website for local search, you need to include local keywords in the website content. For instance, the inclusion of the area name to your primary keywords can be result oriented. One important thing to notice is that local keywords may have low search volume but they are definitely going to give you great results.

If you have the resources, then the creation of a separate local news and blog can be a great thing. This will enable you to post content about events on a regular basis that is related to your niche.

A number of local businesses like restaurants, product delivery, legal services, calling a cab and plumbing etc. can elevate if these SEO tactics are implemented.


Be authentic


You need to establish your authenticity when listing your business on other platforms like Yelp, Google and Bing etc. you also need to be active for constant updating of your business information like uploading of images that are current, related, high in quality and original.

Images that are edited, copyright protected and fake can do wrong to your efforts and site. Also, you need to respond well to all the queries and should be positive when someone gives a feedback and review of your business.


Other important things


. You should create and place schema on your website

. Quality backlinks should be a major priority

. Citations need to be from sites that are authoritative

. Optimize to rank in Local Listing Map Pack results

. Local reviews must be given importance as they build credibility

. Google analytics must be used for tracking all activities.



The current times demand that you come up with such Search Engine Optimization strategy that is not only effective in raising your website in the local searches but also enables you to get a hand on maximum ROI on what you have spent. Local SEO is a tool that will allow you to outrank your competitors and if you need any help, have queries or want to have a strategy, contact OranjeClick now for optimal results