AdSense-revenue tips

AdSense Tips for maximizing your earnings Potential

Using AdSense & want to increase your revenue to double the AdSense amount what you are getting right now. AdSences revenue is one of the great tool for monetizing your website and get revenue for each visitors who visits your website. Unfortunately AdSense main thing is that, a large number of user will fail to some common AdSense mistake and never realize that they are getting low AdSense revenue.

With such activities happening, publishers are facing problems like:

  • Very Low CPC Rate.
  • Very Low CTR.
  • Less ads as compared to what we had before.

Follow the most used AdSense tips below and see the magic increase in your earnings without taking any risk or violating google AdSence guidelines. So let us see the most important AdSense tip for maximizing your earnings.

1. Don’t violate any AdSense Guidelines

I have mentioned this before in the article that it is the most important tip in AdSences that whatever you try to increase your earnings with Adsences do not try to violate any Adsences guidelines. You can read the full Adsences guidelines  here

  • Buying traffic or clicks
  • Making the ads not look like ads
  • Showing only the ads to the user and no content
  • Asking your friends to click on the ads
  • Adding the ads on website that have inappropriate content (adult, alcohol, gambling etc)

2. Use multiple ad units to maximize conversion

This is the simplest way to increase your earning with Adsences. You need to just place the ad units more than one unit or more than one different size on your website pages. By using this way, user can see more ads from google and increases the probability at the end. They will try to check the product what they see in the ads you need to make sure that the best located ads unit will show up first in your pages increasing your revenue.

For a better revenue you should try to put the Adsence above and below the content as per the study. Above-the-fold ads perform much better than the below showing ads. I have seen many blogs that they are avoiding link-based ads. The reason that link based are different from the banner ads is that they don’t harm or decrease the ctr of main ads in your websites. If you are correctly optimized your ad units, I always try to keep these type of ads on the header of the websites as they will get more click than the banner ads.

When you are trying to start a blog for Adsence revenue just keep the  AdSense heatmap  in your mind . by using these method you can create a well optimized adsence themes and design for your new blog

Here are some of the Adsense sizes which work best for maximizing your earnings:

  • 336 * 280 : Large Rectangle
  • 300*250 :
  • 728*90
  • 160*600

As you can see, in the Adsense world, size matters for earnings.

3. Use Responsive AdSense Units

I have made several studies on this topic. Most of the test shows that the responsive websites with responsive AdSense units will perform much higher than the other AdSense ads. If you already have a responsive website you can replace with the responsive AdSense Units. This means a lot for your earnings, the space allotted for AdSences will show most appropriate ad in both the size and type.If you are targeting the mobile user you need to change the 300×250 on mobile. It performs much better compared to the standard 320×50. Now you can see a nice increase in your Adsences revenue.

AdSense Tips for maximizing your earnings


5.Top earning keywords

Selection of a good high cpc keyword will increase your Adsences revenue . Try to add high paying keywords that are correlated to the content to be published on your blog. The higher keyword pays you make money from Adsences.

6.Put ads in the right positions

The position of the ads is very important for your earning. If you do not place the ad unit right in your website then your revenue will not get increased. It is always better to have ads on side of the website. If you do not have any space on the website, do not try to place it just the right place on your content page

  • Top left of the page
  • At the top of the content, just below the Title
  • Just below the content, above the comments
  • On the sidebar the main area to get high click rate
  • Content units of AdSense
  • AdSense link units
  • Search in AdSense
  • Video units for AdSense

7. Publish Content more often

If you are planning to publish a blog post you need to publish content more often. The main point behind these is if you publish more and more post on your blog more people will visit your website and naturally generated more AdSense clicks and increase your revenue.

  1. Finding popular content in your niche.
  2. Creating content around it and making exceptionally better
  3. Promoting it to the right people

8. Make your website load faster

It is one of the most important thing to get more traffic and increase your revenue. If you have a much faster loading website leads more ad click. So you need to optimize the loading speed of your website to increase your earnings. Try to avoid using too many graphics and remove any images that do not add any value to the users and content but slow down the site .

9.Optimize the color impact of text ad units

Optimize the color impact of text ad units is one of the major factor that affect the revenue of your adsences with the color of text. Ad units is an essential factor to increase their visibility. If you are using a light website and ad is placed with the darker one, its look will be distracting to the user and turning the user away not only from the ad but from the web page.

For maximizing the earning you need to choose the right background and border color for the ad unit to match the background of the page where the ad is placed in your website. You need to remember one thing, don’t match them exactly to where the ads are placed in your pages.

10.Adsense for Search: Add extra revenue source

The adsence programs offer many ways to increase your revenues using your website. You need to take advantages of by using them . Adsences for search not only help to increase your revenue and they will help you to keep your site a good user navigation.

12.Constantly monitor statistics on Google Analytics

If you are planning to increase the revenue you need to monitor the google Analytics regularly these make you to make lot of adjustments with your ad campaign. Specifically the adsences connect with your google analytics account. It will help you identify with article which is getting maximum number of visitors and clicks. By using these, you can go in Analytics where your visitors and referrers are coming from. You can see that under Behaviour -> AdSense -> AdSense Referrers.. this will make you short-list the topics that are in public interest and you can place selected ad unit on those pages.

13.Organic Traffic /U.S :

Adsences revenue will perform much higher if they are coming in traffic from search engines. Also the traffic with most interest based ads . They will lead you to increase the impression of your adsences for a  targeting traffic location such us countries like the U.S.A and the U.K will have higher cpc and click rate.

14.Don’t make your website look like it Made for AdSense

Adsences is made only for user experience by showing the relevant ads that may be interested with the user that does meant you need to fully focused on adsences ads. But you need to focus on the user experience and high quality content. While using high quality content AdSense is a way to monetize your content and show high ctc ads on your websites.

15.A/B Testing

Doing the right A/B testing  on your adsences ad units is the proven way to increase the adsences click through rates. It help you to find the best ad variation that help you to increase your revenue in both  CTR and eCPM.

16.Build an audience before setting up AdSense

You need to step up solid audiences before set up AdSense on your website. Right after you have published the first piece of content, you need to hard work to gain lots of attention. So be set up a solid base before trying to setting up AdSense. The website full of ads out takes your visitors to move off and consequently they will be less interested to share your content . This will decrease your ability to emerge as an authority in your website.

17.Remove the ad borders

Few things need to remember for better quality ad unit . Ad borders can sometimes make your webpage looks bit ugly and the user get confused about what to focus. The best way to focus on these is to remove the border from the ad unit and keep the ad borders to match the background of your web page to look more beautiful and clear to the user.

18.Ads between posts:

If you are trying to increase the Adsense revenue you can match the adsences ad unit with the background colour and with the size 468*60 image ads or text link ads in between content of you posts. You can add few image in the post but keep in mind need to focus on the user experience to your readers. Make sure you need to add enough space between the ads units and content . So it doesn’t violate AdSense policies.


19.Adsense Blacklist URL and Category blocking: ’

There are so many adsence ads which will pay very little per click. They use the site for showing the Adsense ad blacklist. But if you doing by your own you can identify which ads are showing less revenues with very poor performance. You can have advertiser’s URL, by doing these  you can improve adsences revenue by 10% in one week’s time. You can also block the competitor’s ads from displaying from your websites.

Adsesne-Blacklist for better revenue

In the updated adsences interface you can now choose category blocking feature has become much easier for you. You can quickly see the performances with ads are performing poorly, now you can block those categories. I usually block the good percentage of  impression but they are getting very low earnings percentage. This can also be configured by using new adsences interface.


What else you can do to improve your AdSense earnings?