10 Tips_ How to boost E-commerce Business via Content marketing

10 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Magento Site Business

Digital marketing happens to be one of the most promising ways to promote services and products online. Whether a company is associated with affiliated links or just selling bulk amounts of physical goods from Magento store, it is mandatory to find newer customers to add to existing numbers for the higher sales online. So, attracting new customers isn’t that easy, especially with an ever-growing competitive outlook. It is time to catch up with the top 10 Email marketing tips, designed to help you boost your web store sales to an all-new level completely.

1. Speed up the time:


Site’s speed forms a crucial factor to determine the usability, accessibility and visibility of online store. Google prefers websites with the loading speed of within 2 to 3 seconds for a single product page. Slow loading page is enough to leave negative impact on search engine ranks, because of poor shopping experience. It will further encourage visitors to abandon sites without making a single purchase. And you surely know; words spread rapidly like fire!

2. Keep continuous conversation:


Thanks to retail email campaigns, you are not just going to drive sale forward but also keep dialogue open with the prospective customers. It is a perfect spot for customers to spend quality time. As per the recent statistics from ChoozOn, around 57% of the email subscribers are known to spend around 10 to 60 minutes browsing marketing emails. So, if you fail to communicate during this space, you are actually missing opportunity to stay in touch with buyers.

3. Relevance is important:


Successful Magento email marketing always starts with segmenting customer list. A single communication won’t resonate with all customers. As per a study from MailChimp, sending promotional and segmented emails to specified lists will increase open rate by around 14%. It further helps in improving the click rates by around 15%. Segmentation platform further comprises of:


  • Spam report rates
  • Reduced bounce rates
  • Unsubscribe rates

4. Optimizing home page:


The best way to engage customers is by displaying new products right at the homepage. The more information they can get from homepage, the better. Not just new products, try providing information on discounted deals too. Add the offers on banners so that customers are able to reach product page through the home section. It is a great way to notify customers about increase sales and latest products of Magento store.

5. Check out the devices:


In a recent record from Litmus, around 53% emails are now operated through mobile devices. With passing years, this number is all set to rise up. So, it is rather crucial to incorporate responsive designs into e-commerce based marketing strategy. Another study clearly indicates that around 63% increment has been a result of responsive website pages. It has further improved transaction rate by 18%.

6. Going for holiday sales:


During the holiday seasons, when your customers are in mood to spend bucks, email marketing is a great way to keep brand going. If you ever have any new product in the block, make sure to let your customers know about it through email marketing! According to a report from McKinsey, the average order is around 3 times more in social media, and the ROI of email marketing can easily reach to 3800%. You can easily introduce:


  • VIP early access
  • Gift guides
  • Sales and promotions
  • Follow up messages


7. Simplification of checkout process:


In case you are quite serious about increasing sales on Magento store, you have to ensure that your customers are able to use shopping carts easily. The checkout process needs to be smooth and easy to navigate. During maximum times, shopping carts are abandoned due to time consuming and complex procedure. It can easily affect user-experience to a great extent. So, Hire Magento Developer to work on the smooth aspects of checkout procedure now!

8. Time to get personal:


One of the most effective and easiest ways to grab attention is by creating personalized emails. With overloading mails in inboxes, there are higher chances that customers might ignore your important message. As per Aberdeen Group, your effective personalized email will improve click rates by around 14%.


  • Here, you need to incorporate a personalized subject line
  • End the email with a call to action

9. Special campaigns are best:


With the help of an email, you can create your own special sales driven campaign and get to deliver information regarding VIP access to some special dates, discounted offers and even seasonal deals. It is a proven technique to attract more customers towards your Magento store.


Some of the major brands like Topshop has already used this method of email marketing for driving sales through clear CTAs, A/B tested subject lines and even some social elements. All these factors together will help in driving engagement.

10. Make shipping free of cost:


Even though it is better to keep it conditional, but try making shipping free of cost. You can always add some conditions like free shipping after exceeding a particular cost. It will work great as crowd puller! As customers don’t want to spend extra cost, so free shipping is always a lucrative option for them. It can always work pretty well for increasing the sales of the Magento stores by a rather huge margin.

Make way for higher traffic:


Following these proven 10 points will definitely help you boost the human traffic of your Magento store. It is a best way to improve your overall brand name and be an online