Find great Berkeley Homes for Sale with us

Find great Berkeley Homes for Sale with us

Abio Properties in Berkeley

Abio properties is a Real Estate agency in Berkeley and most of the West Coast in the United States. We have attained a status for providing the ideal homes in a well-sought for a manner to our clients. We have strived hard to be at this stage and we have managed that by hiring and working with the professionals in the field. Our goal is to maintain this status of ours for a long time ahead of us. We Deal in all sorts of Berkeley homes for sale, Real Estate, Buying and Selling of property and its transactions and many more.

The City of Berkeley

Berkeley is the land of rich demographics and culture derived from the rich heritage brought forth by its history. It is a part of California and is surrounded by rich cultures of San Francisco and San Jose and the beautiful countryside of Lamorinda. Berkeley benefits from many technological advances at erupting from the very own University of California which has its main establishment in the city itself. Berkeley also constitutes of many beautiful and awesome landscapes with several parks and picnic spots in the area and you will find many places in the city some other notable features. The city has a wide range of big, awe-inspiring Condos in the neighborhoods of the Berkeley Hills to the warm and cozy apartments in the skyline of the Central Business District. You may find many good choices near the infamous Lake Merritt not to mention the great beach houses at the shores of San Francisco Bay. There are several real estate’s which you can buy if you wish to build your own home from the scratch which many people prefer.

Amenities offered by Berkeley

The city of Berkeley is home to a rich demographics and a most suitable climate with several amenities to offer to its citizens making the city of a popular choice to find homes in. From the sparkling beaches of the San Francisco Bay to the widely known Berkeley Hills, home of the infamous Grizzly Peak Berkeley is reported to have several different kinds of beautiful homes near these places and near the numerous parks around the city. You may also find homes in the city near the famous Thousand Oaks Park which is a frequent place for Hollywood movies to shoot their films at and if you are a water lover, you may find several homes near the Berkeley’s Aquatic Park which feature an artificial linear lagoon of the San Francisco Bay. You may also find several options near the flea market at Ashby Station and since Berkeley is a home of several different cuisines in the city including the infamous California Cuisine, you may never go hungry again, in fact, the northern part of Berkeley is the neighborhood which is known as the “Gourmet Ghetto” and constitutes of several famous restaurants and cuisines including the infamous Chez Parisse.



Being a center of attention in the entire state of California, the city of Berkeley and the Berkeley homes for sale are a popular choice amongst the citizens of the United States. We deal with real estate in Berkeley thoroughly and are proud to have been providing our services since the very beginning.