Top 4 Reasons which Reject your Patent Application

Do you know what is patent? Well, a patent is the most important license for inventors to share their knowledge in a protected way. People patent their new inventions so that nobody can steal them. If you are also an inventor and wish to patent your invention, then you have to take extra efforts to achieve your goal. First of all, you have to select a suitable place which offers you Patentability Novelty Search services in a best possible way as well as helps you to file a patent application.

There are lots of factors that prove as biggest reasons to reject your patent application. In this fast growing world, a large number of inventors put all of their efforts to create as well as confirm the patent application. Still, not all inventors become successful in registering a patent application. Some applications are rejected for various reasons. So, it is necessary to know the reasons why your application gets rejected by the patent office.


Sometimes, because of lack of knowledge as well as experience, patent inventors often get confused about what does rejection actually means and what are the reasons behind this.

Most of the patent application gets rejected, due to the following reasons:

Because of inapt claims

Claims section is the most important factor of any patent application. It is the best thing that defines the scope of the patent protection. When you submit your application to the patent office, the examiner completely verified the claimed invention. If any claim is not satisfying the patentability pre-requisites, then the examiner will reject your application.

Because of objections to claims

After submitting your application, examiner starts checking process. If your claim form does not in a proper manner, the examiner will make an objection to your application and reject it.

Due to incompetent prior art

When your patent application is submitted to the patent office for its examination, its validity is verified with the past references of a same or similar domain, which is also called Prior Art Search Service. There are two important aspects obtainable which are basically tested, such as novelty of the invention as well as its non-obviousness.


Because of getting failed in meeting the patent examiner’s requirements

It is the biggest reason behind your application rejection. If the applicants do not fulfill the needs of the patent examiner through their office action responses, a final office action is endorsed by the patent examiner. This provides one last chance to the applicants to either argue for the correctness or modify the application. If the inventors are unable to satisfy the examiner then the patent application will be finally rejected.



There are some of the most important reasons which reject your patent application. In addition, you can file a RCE (Request for Continued Examination). You can apply for this application at any time after the prior examination gets stopped. You can file an RCE if you think that your information is correct to make an appeal, or after receiving the final office rejection to give another opportunity. This will offer you a new round of trial with the patent examiner, which means two more office actions to influence the patent examiner that your claims are permitted to be issued.