Wedding Dress For a Second Marriage

Wedding Dresses For Second Marriages – A Complete Guide

Nowadays, many women are getting married more than once. The choice of a wedding dress for a second marriage depends on many criteria: the physique of the bride, her age, color of skin, the style of the ceremony. Accessories will help to complement the wedding image and dresses for the second marriage: short or long gloves, a hat with a veil, shoes and ornaments. 

Wedding Dresses for Second Marriages : the look of the bride

  Marrying for the first time, brides tend to conform to the traditional look, combining innocence and tenderness. Therefore among the generally accepted attributes are: a white dress and a veil, symbolizing chastity. Accessories and dress for the second marriage are significantly different: now it is necessary to emphasize not the youth and charm, but the beauty of the bride. 

wedding dresses for second marriages

It is generally accepted that a wedding dress for a second marriage should not be white. However, this is not so much a limitation as a huge freedom in choosing the look. Brides who get married for the second time can choose outfits of bright or pastel tones, but stylists recommend avoiding red and black colors. 

However, if the future husband marries for the first time, you can safely ignore the conventions and appear in the classic look of the bride – in a magnificent long snow-white dress. Especially if the first ceremony was modest and you would like to feel like a princess. 

Wedding Dresses for Second Marriages  Tips

1. Color of the dress

  Marrying a second time, many people speculate about what color a wedding dress should be. Orientation can become your appearance: blondes with a cold color-type will look great in blue, as well as in costumes with color prints in a blue and blue range colors.

Brunettes can choose one of the warm pastel shades – golden, peach, light sand. Red-haired newlyweds will look great in different halftones of green. However, the main touchstone for the selection will be fitting: probable, wedding dresses of other colors may suit you best.

For a second marriage, many brides choose non-monotonous wedding outfits. This is convenient, because after the wedding they can be worn as evening outfit.

2.  Length options

  Fashion is constantly changing, but short wedding dresses can be found in many collections. If at the conclusion of the second marriage you are set for a modest ceremony in the presence of a couple of friends, the minimalist models will be very handy. For a lavishly crowded second wedding, it’s best to choose a dress with the length to the floor or, as a compromise, a wedding dress, short in front and long behind.

 In the coming season will be popular outfits with a midi skirt in retro style. For those entering into a second marriage of brides, this is an excellent choice, because the models look quite solemn, but at the same time fully consistent with the traditions. 

Those who prefer dresses that are both practical and exquisite will surely like dress-transformers with a separate second skirt. During the rite and the photo session, you can appear in a romantic image, and before the party remove additional details so that they do not interfere with dancing and having fun. 

  3.Choose a style by shape, not by age

  Sometimes you can hear the opinion that the Second marriage Wedding dress should not be celebrated with too much scope, and the bride should better look as modest as possible. Therefore, after hearing about the second marriage, many salons offer to such brides not the most attractive styles of wedding dresses.

wedding dresses for second marriages

  It is worth considering that today, the second wedding can be played just a year after the first, so that the bride remains in full bloom of youth and beauty. In addition, even older brides can take care of themselves and attend fitness centers or a swimming pool. In this case, there is no need to hide the bod7: you can choose a style that emphasizes the advantages and hides disadvantages. 

Almost all will face A-line outfits and dresses in Greek style. If you have an ideal figure, you can order a wedding dress “Mermaid” with a long train. Slender legs – is a perfect occasion to appear in front of the groom in a short skirt. If it’s difficult to choose a style, use the stylist’s help. 

4. Accessories and footwear: what to choose?

  The dress for the second marriage of the bride must be supplemented with elegant shoes, long or short wedding gloves, a small handbag. The only thing that is not customary to wear is a veil. However, it may well be replaced by pearl threads, flower decorations or an elegant wedding hat with a veil.

Shoes are usually selected in the tone of the dress, but you can use neutral colors, as well as contrasting solutions, especially if your outfit is not white. The heel should be comfortable so that the bride does not get tired by the evening. Both closed and open shoes are allowed: it all depends on the season and the choice of the dress. 

Many fashion designers offer a set of accessories to models, allowing to create a perfect image. This is a great solution for those who do not have time for long searches for accessories. The kit may include shoes, gloves, sometimes – a cape, fan or umbrella. They will give an opportunity to look spectacular even without a veil.

Jewelry should be chosen based on the style of the outfit, hairstyle, overall style. Young newlyweds are recommended bijouterie, while older women often wear pearls or family decorations – necklaces, brooches, earrings.

5.  Do you need a bouquet?

One of the most important accessories is the bridal bouquet. At the second wedding, girlfriends are much less likely to catch it, so that the groom can order not a compact spherical bouquet, but the original floral composition in the form of a drop, a waterfall or a spiral.

  The color of the bouquet for the second marriage depends on the age of the bride: young brides should choose white, cream, pink buds, aged brides can choose bright scarlet, dark red flowers. A live wedding bouquet, composed by experienced florists, will remain fresh all day long. 

Do not worry that the outfit will seem not modest enough for someone: the main thing is that you and your beloved one like it. Do not be afraid of experiments and try on a few different options!



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