Punjabi style Mehendi Design For Wedding

From the ancient period, Mehendi is used for making women’s hands more beautiful and attractive. It has some traditional values in Indian Culture. It is believed that applying Punjabi style Mehendi designs For Wedding on hands will bring fortune. Without Mehendi rituals could not be completed, because that much value is given for this beautiful natural dye by the ancestors in our country. Regardless of the caste and community, all women loved to apply Mehendi on all occasions on which they will look more awesome and beautiful. Mehendi can be applied on forehands, back hands, as well as anklets.
Mehendi is actually a natural dye made from the leaves of Henna plant. This dye will appear in an orange red color. Before going to the designs, let’s have a look at the dye preparation. As stated first, the Mehendi dye is made from Henna plant. The leaves and stems of henna plant are dried first to make the henna powder. Later the powdered henna is mixed with lemon juice and sugar solution to make a paste. Later add some essential oil and stir till the texture become silky smooth. Pour the paste into a plastic cone and apply it as per the design.
Indian Mehendi designs

Indian Mehendi designs






Hope the little preface made you more lovable with the Punjabi style Mehendi designs For Wedding. Now let’s discuss some awesome Punjabi style Mehendi designs For Wedding. A variety of designs are available for applying Punjabi style Mehendi designs on the hands. Little knowledge and idea can be helpful for making new designs as per your own thoughts. There are simple as well as complex designs available for Punjabi style Mehendi designs.

When we talk about the Punjabi style Mehendi designs , especially Punjabi style designs we have our own classic and traditional designs as well as modern patterns. Changes are happening in all fashion aspects and it is obvious such change waves will happen in Punjabi style Mehendi designs too. But still the traditional and classic design has its own value in this most modern fashion era.

Punjabi style Mehendi designs depends purely on the occasion or ceremony for which you want to make your hands more beautiful and attractive. Now a days, whatever be the occasion if it is birthday party or a wedding ceremony,Punjabi style Mehendi designs For Wedding is became an essential and important part of the life style. Selection of the Punjabi style Mehendi designs- whether it should be clumsy like fully covered or just a part of the hand depends on the occasion you are in. If it is a party, you can go with any simple floral or swirl design which will make your hands so attractive to be the center of attraction in the party.

You can also select the Punjabi style Mehendi designs For Wedding based on your costumes that you put on for the celebration. If you are going with a western outfit or modern outfit, you may go for a simple one sided Punjabi style Mehendi designs as it will be awesome with the outfit. If you want you can select a crafted cliff that means a simple chain design along your cliff adding an accessory look to your costume.

If you are a matching girl- that means wanted to make your complete look matching to your costume color, you can go for colored Punjabi style Mehendi designs For Wedding. Select form the available colors and blend it with your favorite Punjabi style Mehendi designs to have a different look in the crowd.