Kerala Marriage is an important ceremony in everyone’s life. Attending the Kerala wedding of your relative is even more important. Cousins are the more close friends of every family. By attending your cousins’ wedding ceremony Kerala, you can increase the strength of bond between your family members in Kerala. Nowadays due to jobs and various other reasons family members stay separately in different places. They have the opportunity to meet and make up their bond during these occasions. Cousins will have a pleasure time during their cousin’s engagement or wedding. At the same time they can also learn about your complete family, your family history and culture. One of the great things about family weddings is that you don’t know at least half of the people who will be there.  It is a great chance to meet people you might never get to talk to under any other circumstances. At a wedding ceremony, you are guaranteed to have positive experiences and good memories. Besides these, the most important thing to remember before attending your cousins’ wedding is about what to wear. Normally most decorative dresses are weared in Kerala itself. You have to be more careful in selecting your dresses that you want to look cool and stylish. But you should not make people to distract from the bride or draw attention for wrong reasons.

Some of the dress items that is best suited for all women

1.Kerala saree

Kerala saree is one of the dresses most girls like to wear during their cousins wedding. It is best suited to all girls with any complexion. Kerala saree is also selected as wedding saree for the Malayali bride also. It provides elegant look even in its simplicity. The real kasavu is cream saree with gold border. To have colorful look for your cousin’s wedding you can always introduce bright mix of colors to the outfit. To have attractive look you can also use colorful border sarees or add color by introducing a vibrant, brocade blouse along with it. Kasavus are traditional handloom sarees made in pure cotton and it also comes in cotton-silk blends


. This designer off cream and gold saree, accentuated with pink is what you need if traditional Kerala saree is not your cup of tea, or even if you wish to wear this lovely combination for special occasion like your cousin’s wedding. Kerala sarees are most commonly used by the malayali women during Onam and other festive occasions. Kerala saree is a perfect one to almost all occasions to air your traditional gold and temple type jewels. Even a simple cotton Kerala saree can be paired with heavy temple model ornaments. These types of sarees are incomplete without flowers in the hair. Don’t spoil this chance to reveal your complete beauty among the crowd. There are various ways to accessorize your hair with latest hair styles and fresh flowers.



2.Lehenga Choli

Lehenga Choli is a traditional form of dress style which is commonly used by North Indian women. It was formerly called as Gaghra Choli. It is a combination of the long skirt which is called lehenga and the choli along with dupatta. Simple and designer model lehenga choli is available nowadays.

Lehenga Choli kerala wediing

Lehenga is suitable for all women but the model type should be selected according to your body language and comfort in order to glam you up for your cousin’s wedding. We will introduce various kinds of lehenga models for you to flare your ethnic look.


1.Flared lehenga

Flared lehenga which is also called as circular lehenga is considered as one of the most traditional styles women choose nowadays. It is a kind of broad flare and forms a complete circle at the hem is the feature of this type of material. The lehenga or skirt is having extreme volume and pleats start at the hem and finally it diffuses as one goes down the flare.

 Flared lehenga kerala wedding dress

Making huge borders at the hem is optional. If needed it will create a rich look and festive occasion. Also remember that too much embroidery on the fabric will not be look good choice for this type of lehengas. Its choli will be mostly a short length one and this is a worst choice for women with very slim waists.

2.Fishtail Lehenga

Also called as Mermaid lehenga. The speciality of this kind of lehenga is the skirt will be tighter at the hips, knees and waists. It accentuates the hip. This is best suited for women having medium waist. Overall the skirt looks like a fish tail.

Fishtail Lehenga

This should be worn with a proper body suit beneath. Fish tail lehenga is not much suitable for women with thin body type.

3.Panelled Lehenga

This is a type of lehenga which consists of more horizontal panels attached with rich embroidery all over. The flare of the lehenga is more.

Panelled LehengaPanelled Lehenga

Also a set of fabrics is used to give a colorful designs. It creates a slimming effect and hides extra flab.  

4.Lehangas with a Jacket

This style is very fresh in the world of weddings and is getting into the top hits these days. The lehenga will be having less embroidery and will be simple look overall. The jacket will be long covered with zardozi embroidery or delicate weaving on velvet.

Lehangas with a Jacket


The more embroidery will be made in the jacket and only hem of the lehenga is visible through the jacket. So these comes with broad laces or heavy work on them. According to the jacket, you can have a variety of looks from rich and elegant ones to simple and decent ones as well.

5.Half Saree Lehenga

Half saree lehenga is a kind of half saree model which is one of the traditional wearings of South Indian. This lehenga gives you a virtual look like a saree.

half saree kerala wedding

The look is basically due to the way one uses the dupatta with the lehenga. It usually is a low flare A-line lehenga.


The latest trend in town are floor length anarkalis. It gives luxurious look, style and beauty. Nowadays most women and even girls prefer to wear floor length anarkali at wedding occasions like your cousin’s wedding. These dresses not only add elegant look but also it is easy to maintain. There is no worry about managing the pallu or checking the pleats or struggling to walk.


Wearing floor length anarkali during your cousin’s wedding and other occasions have become a storm since 2015.With its international appeal, heavy embroidery work and flawless designs, these outfits have become a favorite among the masses. Anarkalis are available both in much embroidered form and normal fashion. Mostly anarkalis with rich embroideries, heavy brocade designs, beautifully designed art work in it are more preferred for your cousins wedding occasions. Floor length anarkali has stirred the complete trend of fashion in the entire world. Floor length anarkali is a type of dress material without demanding a certain body type. The royal pieces are available to flatter the body type and also it hides the flaws if any. With these long and flared anarkalis, the body of the wearer appears to be taller, straighter and much more enhanced.

4.Silk sarees

Silk sarees are more apt for a young girl, as they offer elegance, glamour and considered worthy for this golden stage of life. Many kinds of silk sarees are available now according to your tastes and needs. It is damn sure that you will get maddened in choosing one. Silk sarees range from casual printed silk sarees, plain saree with silk border, Kanjeevaram sarees, Banarasi silk saree, designer silk saree, etc.

Without thinking twice, you can blindly add silk saree as your material for any marriage occasions which will definitely enrich you with beauty. Feminine and fancy-full silk sarees are most commonly used by the women nowadays for many wedding occasions. Cousins who are not getting married, but are prepping up to attend a special wedding of your cousins may also choose silk sarees under classic creations and party wear category.

1.Handloom Sarees

Handloom sarees are the exact beauty of hand woven sarees which creates charm. Its unique beauty will never fade are the features of handloom sarees.

Pure Silk Sarees

You can never go wrong with a handloom saree. These sarees are well known from olden times and they remain their beauty and quality for long. It is not been out of fashion till now and so it can be considered as ever green saree.

2.Pure Silk Sarees

Pure silk sarees are sarees weaven using pure silk thread. They never fade and lost their charm. This is similar to handloom saree for its quality and popularity.

Golden Kancheepuram Saree - Kerala Wedding Sarees

These sarees have a natural lustre, so even if they are plain or with border, they stand-out amidst a crowd of all sorts of casual sarees and bridal sarees. These sarees glam you up and so you don’t need many additional accessories.