Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride- Receptions

Kerala Style Wedding Dress for Bride

kerala wedding dress – Kerala Style Wedding Dress for Bride , Where ever you have been, Wedding is an auspicious moment in all brides’ life. Especially in Kerala Style Wedding Dress  , marriage or “mangalyam” is considered as a blessing from God as a new life journey is getting started from this day. For the brides, they want themselves to be like a goddess for this memorable day. They will get this fabulous look from their clothing as well as accessories. As all know, this day is something special for the bride; everything used in this day should be very special and extra ordinary, which makes the girl like a shining star among the crowd.

“Mangalyam tantunanena mama jeevana hetuna
kanthe badhnami subhage twam jeeva sarada satam…”

Wedding outfit is the main one among those extra ordinary collections. In Kerala, each community has their own wedding rituals including wedding outfit as well as accessories. Changes are reflected in these now days, but still all these fashion changes are connected with the traditional roots. Modern generation still loved to mix this traditional purity with the modern fashion.

Traditional or Modern, wedding outfits has different models and fashions according to individuals tastes. What needed is to find out the best one that can make a magical impact on you on your auspicious day. Now let’s have a walk through the Kerala Wedding Dress; hope it may help to add much more color to your wedding dreams.

kerala wedding dress – Traditional Hindu

Traditional Kerala wedding dress is the Kerala set saree with wide border in Kassavu.  Both set saree and set-mundu are using as wedding outfit called “Pudava”.  Also various Red or Maroon Kasavu or Silk saree are used for this main occasion. Traditional saree will have beautiful works in golden and silver silk threads.  Checkout the photos for having a clear vision on traditional Kerala wedding dress.

Kerala Wedding Dress Traditional Hindu

Kerala Wedding Dress Traditional Hindu


Traditional Hindu bride is always select for Kerala Set Saree with golden border and very traditional gold ornaments like Nagapadam, Mullamottu mala, Poothali etc. As White color is believed to be the symbol of Purity, the set Saree will definitely increase the beauty as well as the purity of the Wedding Dress for Bridebride. The golden border called Kasavu can be of narrow border or wide border. The authentic flavor of traditional dress as well as the ornament makes the traditional Hindu bride wear a little auspicious and fabulous as per the Kerala Culture.

Some Wedding Dress for bride may follow Set-Mundu, same as in the Kerala Set Saree, with their ancestor’s accessories. When we think of a Kerala bride, the picture that came to our mind will be the same having Kerala Set Saree with traditional ornaments. As years passed and lot of fashion changes came to exist, the power of this tradition is still follows as the same as in the beginning.

Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride – Modern Hindu

As we know, this era is full of fashion changes and the same will be reflected in all fields of our lifestyle. We can see the waves of change in Kerala Wedding Dress too. Now days, in Hindu Kerala wedding apart from Maroon, Red and white set saree, many other colors are coming with different steps and tissues. Stone works, different hand embroideries makes these saree something elegant for the occasion. Bright and dark colors are now shining in the clothing industry. The availability of various Pattu Sarees like Samudrika, Banaras etc makes the selection process something interesting and of course thrilling.

Kerala Wedding Dress Modern Hindu

Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride- Modern Hindu Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride- Modern Hindu Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride- Modern Hindu

Love towards modern fashion will make the choice little odd and variety in your most auspicious event. Some brides love to include different type of stone works to their dress for getting more shining. Matching ornaments with tour selected wedding Saree is another fashion tip to get a unique look among the crowd.


Kerala  Wedding Dress for Bride – Traditional Christian

In Kerala Christian community, traditional bride outfit will be a saree or gown in white or of-white color. White is considered as the color of purity, this outfit will impressively makes the bride like an angel in the ceremony. For the “Minnukettu”, Christian bride will wear white saree or gown with white veil. Later they will wear silk saree in any of their favorite color.

Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride- Traditional Christian Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride- Traditional Christian

Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride – Modern Christian


In modern time, Christian brides in Kerala are selecting their wedding outfits based on the latest fashion and trends. The color options are changed from the white and of-white to many other modern colors like Ash color, golden color, etc. Also sarees with thread works, bead works,  lace works are coming to the wedding industry  giving the brides a large world of selection so that they can make the day more beautiful as they want.

Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride- Modern Christian Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride- Modern Christian

Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride- Modern Christian Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride- Modern Christian

Also the accessories they used in the wedding ceremony can be of matching with the selected dress, which will make an extra bonus shining to their look. The Flower bouquet can be made with the same material they have chosen for the event. Similarly matching stone worked accessories for ornaments are available in the market to make a rich feel with more shinning to the bride. The wise choice and combination will make the day more elegant and beautiful.

Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride – Traditional Muslim

Traditional dress for the Muslim community is as shown in the above image. Green color is the traditional color of Muslim community. In traditional dressing, either Saree or traditional Mundu & Green full sleeve blouse is used. Along with the traditional accessories and “Thattam” will complete the traditional Muslim bride.



Now days, young generation is getting more attractive towards the traditional culture and they are acquiring most of the traditional values to their biggest life event. So the traditional wears are now getting a new life and fusion of the traditional wear along with the modern fashion makes a variety look to the day.


Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride – Modern Muslim

In modern era, lot of changes has been take place in wedding clothing. The first change is the selection of color for the dress. Apart from green color- the traditional color other primary colors as well as modern colors are came to the wedding event. Same change can be seen in the case of accessories. Instead of Saree, now day’s brides are selecting other modern dresses like Lehangas, Ethnic Anarkali, and Floor touch Salwar etc.

Combination of different works like pearl work, thread work, stone work, lace work etc the look and fit of the modern wedding dress makes the occasion more colorful. Bright colors along with these work styles will make the bride more beautiful than ever. Now days matching gold, diamond or platinum accessories are available in the market to get a contrast look to the outfit.

Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride- Modern Muslim Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride- Modern Muslim

Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride – Receptions

Wedding without a reception!!!  No one can imagine that. Now day’s receptions are common in Kerala Wedding. This function has its own importance in wedding.  Bride should look glorious for this occasion. Here also bride should choose a wise outfit for making herself more beautiful in the crowd. Regardless of the community and other matters, reception is something based on modern outfit and accessories. As per the current trend, Lehanga, Half Sarees, Gowns, Floor touch salwars are the widely selected reception dress. All these dresses are available in a variety of models like having heavy stone works, thread works, lace works, multi colored, etc.

Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride- Receptions Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride- Receptions Kerala Wedding Dress for Bride- Receptions

Having a variety of dress fashion will make the bride little confused to select for the day. But you have to keep in mind that everyone has their own body structure as well as body tone which may not be suitable for all dress patterns. So you must find out the right color, right pattern, right fashion and right material before you are going to the reception purchase.

Mostly the wedding receptions are happened in the evening time. So the color selection is very important to maintain the shinning look throughout the day. This is because the color which looks stunning in the daylight may not be worked for the evening dim light. So this point should be in all brides’ mind while they went out for the reception purchasing.

Wedding is an event where the girl is getting entire attention of a big crowd. This will be the biggest day in every girls life where she have to face very confidently with the society that she is going to be start a new life with her life partner. Obviously, there will be some confusion as well as nervousness in the time, but a confident face and look is very important for a positive life beginning. Half of this confidence is getting from the look with which we are going to face the awesome crowd who are invited for the auspicious day to bless the beautiful couple. Hence the dressing style will be a must matter for maintaining the confident look throughout the day.

So make wise selection in material, pattern, fashion and other related accessories and wear a beautiful, stunning smile on your face. Now you are on the full mode of confidence for the beginning of a new life. Wishing you a happy married life!!!