Kerala Style Mehendi Designs for Wedding

Wedding is a big day in all women’s life. In Kerala Style Mehendi Designs for Wedding brides will look like Goddess in ancient stories. In making the bride such a beautiful look,Kerala Style Mehendi Designs for Wedding has its own role. Now a day’s all Indian brides are making their hands and legs more beautiful and attractive with heavy  kerala Mehendi designs. As per the belief, having Mehendi will bring a lot of fortune to the young couples as well as to the families. kerala Mehendi  designis being widely used by all community brides as a ritual in their marriage.

In India, Mehendi ceremony is a fun filled marriage custom occur prior to the wedding. On this day, bride will apply Kerala Style Mehendi Designs Mehendi on her hands and legs to make her more beautiful than others. It’s obvious that the other ladies will also celebrate this auspicious moment by applying Kerala Style Mehendi Designs  on their hands too.


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For kerala wedding Mehendi, the dye is making at home as this is related with marriage rituals and customs. kerala Mehendi mixture for the bride is prepared with extent care as the color of the Mehendi will show the love and affection between the couples. So funny! right? Anyway our focus is on the wedding designs, so let’s move towards some designs which will make the beauty of bride to a large extent.
Usually in Kerala Style Mehendi Designs, almost all women prefer completely filled designs as it will be a beautiful sight when the Mehendi is blend with the shinning of the jewelries. Now days the Kerala Style Mehendi Designs are adopting different themes as experiment with the changing fashion.

Classic Kerala Style Mehendi Designs for Wedding :

This Kerala designs as the name indicates remains classy for the entire period. This design will cover the entire hand portion with small curves, dots and fillings and floral patterns which will make a beautiful design pattern to the beautiful hands for wedding.

Mughal Kerala Style Mehendi Designs for Wedding :

We all know that Mughal period is the golden era of  culture and the authentic designs spread on these time remains as the favorite design in this modern year too. This design will give a royal look to the bride which will obviously give a royal feeling to the entire look.


Image result for mughal mehandi designsImage result for elephant mehandi designs

Paisley Kerala Style Mehendi Designs for Wedding :

Paisley design is one of the ever hit classic and traditional designs in the Mehendi history. This design is a favorite one among the kerala bridals- especially the mango design. When the mango design is incorporated with different other patters in different size, it became one of the Best kerala Mehendi Designs for Wedding in the world.

Image result for Paisley mehandi designsImage result for Paisley mehandi designsImage result for paisley mehandi designs


Floral Kerala Style Mehendi Designs for Wedding :

This design as the name indicates will be completely based on floral and petal patterns. This is a very common and beautiful design among the kerala brides as well as the bride mates. Flowers are considered as the essential part of wedding ceremony and adopting such design in your Kerala Style Mehendi Designs  will be more convenient and beautiful for your hands. Different patterns are available for the floral design.

arabic mehandi designs bridal mehandi


Elephant Kerala Style Mehendi Designs for Wedding :

In kerala Bridal history, Elephant design has its own place in Mehendi design. As the image shows how the design is incorporated to the bride who simply looks elegant even without any accessories. This is a unique design which stands out from the others. Even if the design is fully covered with different patterns and shapes, still the elephants have its own place with value in the entire art.

Image result for elephant mehandi designshennaImage result for elephant mehandi designsBridal Henna

Peacock Kerala Style Mehendi Designs for Wedding :

This is a fully covering design in which the Peacock will be the highlighted pattern. This design can be easily incorporated in to your hands which enhances the traditional bridal beauty. This is a common design preferred by all  kerala bridals as it remains one of the favorite traditional designs from the old times.

Image result for peacock mehandi designsImage result for peacock mehandi designsImage result for peacock mehandi designs

Curve Kerala Style Mehendi Designs for Wedding :

Curve Mehendi designs adopt curved patterns as the basic theme. In this design both clumsy as well as minimal pattern can be experimented. Fingers as well as the palm will be either fully covered using the curves and dot designs or just having a base theme in the middle of the palm and small curved pattern with filled dots in the finger tips can be obtained. result for curve based mehandi designs


Color Kerala Style Mehendi Designs for Wedding :

In ancient times kerala Mehendi Designs for Wedding applied on hands and legs are in orange red color. But as the fashion changes new coloring approaches are happened in kerala Mehendi designs. Now different colors are using in the designs. If you want you can choose the color that matches with your wedding saree or lehanga.

Image result for color mehandi designs 3 images togetherImage result for color mehandi designs 3 images together

Kerala Style Mehendi Designs for Wedding :

This is a modern design in the Mehendi pattern. Here the design will be from any of the class but usage of stone and glitters will stand out this design from the other designs. These stones are giving an extra finishing to the kerala Mehendi design which will make the brides hand more attractive. If you are going with a minimum accessories like bangles, hen this kerala Mehendi Designs for Wedding will be the best apt for you.

Image result for Mehendi designs with stoneworkImage result for Mehendi designs with stoneworkImage result for modern mehandi designs


Modern Kerala Style Mehendi Designs for Wedding :

Modern designs, as the name indicates will be based on the modern culture as well as fashion. You can have kerala Mehendi as crafted cliffs or like laced gloves. You can also try with asymmetric designs or just having designs at your fingertips and cuffs. Each of these patterns has its own feature like crafted cliffs as well as laced gloves are minimal in work and are very beautiful. If you are not interested in clumsy designs, then you can definitely go with this.

Image result for modern mehandi designsbridal-full-mehndi-designs

All the design methods mentioned above in the article can be selected to make your big day more elegant and memorable. Safety is the factor that makes all the beauty to its right extent. Make sure that you are not allergic to the henna as this will cause serious health problems to your body. You should take a test with the mixture before you apply the henna design. To increase the color of Mehendi in minimal applying time, different types of chemicals are now added to these mixtures, which will harm your body parts.
Hope the mentioned designs will help you to decide and select the best one for your big day. Select the best design, use homemade henna mixture and make your hands and legs more beautiful with these awesome henna designs. Happy Mehendi time!