Kerala Wedding Dress Modern Hindu


We all know how glamorous Indian weddings usually are. The dressing, the venue and the decoration all are given the best bright colors and a blend of tradition and contemporary styles but not that you use some joggers. Today, south Indian wedding dress is a way of expressing personal style of the bride and no more tied to traditional. Of course, tradition is still very much respected, but not totally followed in choosing a wedding dress or your plus size dresses if you that is what you want. Here are ten things you have to know when choosing a contemporary south Indian wedding dress:


Your Bridal Saree Should be Selected First

You may out the great excitement that one of our happiest days is coming soon, and you so concentrate on other things to wear except your saree. No, it should be the other way round; get your beautiful and colorful saree before you plan on the other things you want to wear.


Don’t Get Obsessed with Your Frontal Look

Avoid concentrating too much on your frontal look and neglecting the back or sides. Your saree may look lovely and well placed and you may fall in love with your plus size dresses or gorgeous choli; don’t be carried away. Get someone to look at you from all the angles possible. Remember, people at your wedding will view you from different angles, so you do yourself a favor by preparing ahead.


Choose Different Colors

The use of multiple colors doesn’t change even with the contemporary.  Red can go with colors such as cobalt or fuchsia as long as you know how to blend the colors. Modern brides are experimenting with floral and you may think of other combinations of colors that will bring out that personal uniqueness. Joggers are out of the question. So, be moderate in combining colors so that your dressing doesn’t look off.


Avoid Excessiveness in Dressing

You should know when you dress more than necessary that even your mood is affected. Before choosing your wedding dress, try to avoid too many shiny things that will make you look light a light bulb on your wedding day. If Kundan jewelry is your choice, keep it that way and don’t wear another style with it. Your aim is to look radiant in your dressing, but if your clothes outshine you, the purpose is lost.


Plan Your Hairdo on Time

Your hairdo is very important as you plan your wedding. Make sure you try different hairdo long days before the wedding. The problem is that as your wedding date draws closer, you may begin to feel your hairstyle isn’t the perfect fit. So, to avoid the embarrassment on that day, try different hairstyles until you get the perfect fit.


Following Magazine Trends Maybe a Bad Idea

Don’t be carried away by the model look you find in magazines. You are different from those models and they don’t have a good plus size dresses. So, you see and your wedding dress shouldn’t be controlled by someone who knows nothing about your peculiarities. You may not realize the risk you take by copying those models. You don’t want to end up looking like a mannequin on your wedding day.