Tips for finding right Translation Companies in delhi

Tips for finding right Translation Companies

India is a country of multiple languages: 22 scheduled languages recognized by the
Indian Constitution. Also, there are more than 1500 languages and dialects used
across the country. In no other country does the importance of translation take on
such mammoth significance! Finding and hiring a right Translation Companies In
Delhi is important for diverse reasons. Let’s find out.

Tri-Language Treatment

Ah, the wisdom of the founders of the Indian Constitution!
They felt that every Indian needed three languages: one to identify with the local
group (call it the mother tongue), one for national identity (Hindi), and one for
international communication (English).Thus was born the Three Language Formula.
Three languages are bare minimum: just enough to get through school and college
but certainly not enough for all the activities that make up life in the modern world.

Need for Translation within India

Think of all the movies that you have seen dubbed into various languages: don't
marvel at James Bond speaking fluent Hindi or Rajnikanth being the new (or old?)
Japanese heartthrob! Consider that a friend was awarded for translating science
books into Urdu- something much needed. Effective translation is essential to reflect
local languages, sentiments, and ethos.

India, the Global Player

Acknowledging the attraction that India, with a population of 1.25 billion, holds,

Google's top boss, Sundar Pichai says, "India shapes how we build products. If
something works in India, it will work globally."
India is playing meaty roles on the international stage and is all set to play bigger
parts and star leads. This isn't possible unless communication ceases to be a barrier:
thus, the need for translation services.

Multinational = Multi-lingual: Let there be.

A country's external affairs, in the world of international diplomacy, demand that
ideas, points of view and negotiations are put forward clearly and accurately.
Diplomats and world leaders are most lucid in their tongues; translation inaccuracies
can cause significant problems.
Creative content like literature, video and audio content, subtitles for movies and TV
content, etc. need original translation to be able to strike a chord with target

Technical Translations

Technical translation is the translation of the technical document written in one
language into another language. These documents could be user manuals for
electronic items, engineering diagrams or product installation materials. This is a
very specialized field of translation services since it involves a lot of technical or
engineering terms used worldwide. As these terms are not easily understandable by
many non-technical translators, there are very high chances of errors, if they do the
translation. A professional Translation Companies In Delhi is expected to assist you
with a translation that takes into account the various nuances and facets of technical

Native Translations

Are you planning to translate your documents into Polish? If yes, does the translation
company have native Polish speakers as translators? Getting the translation done by
a native Polish speaker is much more accurate than that done by non-native Polish
speaker.Do you want to translate process control documents for setting up boiler
plant? If yes, does the translation company have experts in this field as their
employers? Don't forget that this process is very crucial as any mistakes in
translation can lead to the explosion in the


If you are confused, then use these pointers to help you in choosing the right
translation company for your needs. What do the old clients have to say about the
performance of the translation company? Was it able to meet its deadline
commitments? Was the quality of end product acceptable? Could the company
adapt to the changed project requirement? Does the Translation Companies In Delhi
have reputable certifications like ISO 9001 and EN 15038? These certificates are
regarded as the highest quality standards in the translation industry. All-in- all, things
look bright for translation companies in India.