Things To Remember While Teaching English

Things To Remember While Teaching English

In case, you are planning to teach English for kids, it is going to be a really rewarding experience. Any person with the experience of teaching English to kids can share the experience.

Of course, with your confidence towards the knowledge in this language, you might have decided to offer private tuitions. However, there are certain things that you should remember before you start tutoring.

Is it a suitable career for you?

Before you register with any tutoring website, you should first ask yourself whether you are up to this career. Remember that teaching kids is a task that needs a lot of energy and creativity.

Children will keep you amazed and they will surprise you with unexpected questions. Remember that you should have the energy to teach kids and you should not feel exhausted after teaching. If you are planning to offer spoken English tuition, you should decide whether it is the right career for you.

Things To Remember While Teaching English

Prepare yourself before every class:

If you are ready to prepare yourself before every class, you can feel confident about choosing this career. Of course, you might have confidence in yourself. But, refreshing before teaching will surely help.

Just a small preparation before the class will go a long way in making the teaching more involved. You should gather a lot of teaching materials. Nowadays, there are web-based resources and apps that will ease your teaching.

Can you cater to different intelligence levels?

Of course, you might have decided to teach children in specific age group. But, you cannot expect that all will have the same level of knowledge and exposure. So, you should be ready to handle kids with different level of intelligence.

In addition, some kids will be quick in understanding concepts, while some of them might be slow learners. So, you should opt for English tutoring only when you can handle kids with multiple levels of intelligence.

The kids should never feel bored:

One of the important things you should remember is that the kids should never feel your class bored. If they are bored, kids will never pay attention to your words. It is your job to make learning fun and engaging for the little ones.

Unless you are teaching teens, it is better not to let kids remain seated for a longer time in the class. When you feel that the class is turning out to be bored, you should just motivate kids for a fun-filled learning. Just ask them to get up from their seats and give some plays.

Are you ready to deal with parents?

Nowadays, parents are more engaged in the studies of their kids. If they find that their kid is learning slowly, they will ask you questions. So, you should be ready to face the parents. This is truer when you teach small kids.

You should inform parents about your goals and what you wish to accomplish all through the teaching sessions. You should also explain parents about the syllabus that you are going to cover in the following week.

Further, you should also keep the parents informed about the progress of their child. Interacting with parents will also help you gain some feedback. Children might have shared some of their experiences in your class with their parents.

Use a combination of teaching techniques:

Do not just always focus on education alone. Remember that you are teaching kids and they need a lot of entertainment to keep them involved. For instance, you can include jumping, dancing, and singing along with listening, reading and writing.

The best English tutor will mix up a combination of different strategies to teach. Particularly, when you are dealing with little children this becomes highly important.

To motivate the kids, you can begin the class with a song and then can move on to reading exercises. The rule is that you should move between activities to keep the little ones engaged.

Have different materials handy:

When you teach little children, it is better to have some games handy. Remember that there are many learning games these days. For instance, you can have flashcards, a pair of dice, puppets, and small toys.

For instance, you can use the pair of dice to leave with the children whether to learn a rhyme or a paragraph on the given day. This will keep the children engaged in your class. These are non-linguistic tools that will help kids to remember things easily.

Games do not mean games here:

As it is said that you should have games handy, it does not mean that they should be actually games, but they should be learning tools. As mentioned earlier, you can choose one among the many gaming flashcards available these days.

In short, you should remember that game should be something related to English to the children. You should choose the appropriate game based on the age of kids you teach.

Context-based teaching will help:

You should plan your teaching according to the learning goals of the child seeking your tutoring help. For instance, when you teach grammar or vocabulary, they should be taught in accordance with the context.

Let us consider that you teach foods in English for kids. You should frame the teaching within the context of the meal. Like, it should be foods ideal for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. However, you should not keep the list of foods for children to memorize. This type of teaching will make the learning interesting and easier.

Rate your wait time and speech:

Remember that you should talk clearly and slowly when teaching kids. You should give enough time for children to show their responses. After asking a question, it is better to wait for one of them to respond before calling any name.

This waiting time will help each kid to think and process. There are chances that each one will show interest to give their answer.

Give both written and verbal instructions:

When you give instructions both in written and verbal form, it will help kids to understand easily. This will help even slow learners to understand your instruction clearly. They will come forward to share their thoughts with you.

In short, remembering these things will help you become a good tutor in English.