The Role of Flowers in Festivals and Events

During spring and summer time, when blossoms reach their peak, many festivals take place around the world to exhibit the most beautiful flowers from colorful tulips, cherry blossoms and fragrant lilacs. Flowers are also used in various events for decorations to give an elegant, lively vibe. Their cheerful colors, sweet aromas and magical beauty make for truly wonderful festivals and events



It’s a Dutch word that translates to “flower parade”. It’s held in many places in the Netherlands and Belgium and it takes place on the first Sunday of September. In this parade, floats, cars and boats are decorated with and covered in thousands of flowers. Zundert in the south of Holland has the largest flower parade in the world, where only dahlias are used to decorate the objects.

Jersey Battle of Flowers

This parade is held in the Channel Islands of Jersey on the second Thursday of August. Aside from the music, dancing and funfairs, it exhibits large flower floats and street entertainers. The flower festival ends with a fireworks display. Surely a parade to look forward to.

Spalding flower parade

This festival began in 1935 in Spalding, Lincolnshire and consisted mainly of tulips as they were quite prevalent at the time. A few years later, the festival evolved to a whole week dedicated to tulip flowers known as “Tulip Week”. Nowadays this parade involves large floats dedicated with tulip heads that were stored specifically for this purpose. Each float may use up to 100,000 tulips.



You’re guaranteed to find flower arrangements and decoration in each wedding you go to. They’re used as center pieces, for hand bouquets, boutonnieres, entrance ceremony, corsages, basket decorations, flower girl headpiece, flower girl petals, chair decorations, altar decorations, buffet table decorations and many more. Flowers make the entire venue pop. They provide a vibrant atmosphere and amazing scents that boost everyone’s mood and energy, which is particularly what is needed for a wonderful wedding party.

Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries

Flowers are perfect for romantic occasions, whether it’s an anniversary celebration or valentine’s day, you can’t go wrong with red roses and elegant red tulips for decorating the venue and as a stunning gift to your sweetheart to signify your love and passion to them.


What’s interesting about flowers is that every month has its own specific flower, much like a birthstone. Gifting a loved one a bouquet of the flower that corresponds with their birth month will show you attention to detail and thoughtfulness. You can even decorate the room with this flower for an awesome surprise party.

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