PT Bungalows Price List & PT Bungalow House Warming

PT Bungalow House Warming – 3 Houses in 7 acres PT Bungalow , PT Bungalow is now one of the biggest houses in kerala and south india , news from Malappuram says that they already conducted house warming for public with over 15000 individuals and inexperienced hopper events is handling the event. currently thay area unit conducting a house warming operate for celebrities and people on twenty four th could 2017 and it’s a personal operate. see all the photos of the house and share it along with your friends.

PT Bungalows Price List

Spread in six acres, 3 Bungalows that reminds you the Arabian sort of design. engineered like palaces, the images of aerial views of those homes causes you to assume that these structures area unit placed in some made countries. But, these 3 homes area unit placed within the God’s own country, Kerala. placed at Mankada in Malappuram district of Kerala, the homes belongs to a business conglomerate in geographical area referred to as as PT group.


The land where the PT Bungalow House are built are situated was bought from the erstwhile royal family called Valluvanad. During the king’s rule, these places were under the rule of Valluvanad rajas and there where an old PT Bungalow House situated in this very place which belongs to the royal family; thus the place called Bungalowkunnu. The new owners demolished the old bungalow and built three new ones. One prominent feature of this plot is when viewed from any angle, the view never fades.

Designed in royal classic style PT Bungalow House, each house is situated at an area of 25000 square feet. PT Bungalow House Though these three houses look alike at a glance, yet they are unique in their own means. PT Bungalow House is built in Royal Classic with Greek, Royal Classic with Iranian Style and Royal Classic with Antique styles respectively.