Orthopaedic Mattress For Relief From Back Pain

A person spends one third of their lifetime sleeping thus it is necessary that one gets utmost comfort and proper rest while sleeping. Only when the body gets quality sleep it gets complete relaxation and wakes up rejuvenated and geared up with energy for the next day’s work. A mattress must be proportionate to our body which requires it to be 20 cm longer than our height and at least 160 cm wide for double mattress and for single mattress the width must be at least 90 cm more for a comfortable sleep.

The options are plenty when it comes to mattress from different sizes to material and composition. Some of the most popular mattress are spring mattress, foam mattress, memory foam mattress, latex mattress and coir mattress. Coir mattress is made of Coconut coir and is the most eco-friendly and healthy of the three types. Latex mattress is the most expensive of the lot and is usually highly durable and can serve you for a longer time. Memory foam mattresses are best for back pain and body aches. The newest addition to the growing type of mattress is the orthopaedic mattress which allows you to maintain the right posture while you sleep which is an important factor in today’s day and era. These are the best mattress in India for back pain and provides relief for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Here’s taking a look at the best orthopaedic mattress in India

Wake fit Orthopaedic memory fit mattress- This single bed mattress is perfect for tall people which is made of quilted cotton fabric and is covered with a fabric liner
Wake fit dual comfort- This premium quality mattress is of double bed and sports size. It is a thicker mattress and is made to order.
Dreamzee Orthocare memory foam eurotop- It is a thicker variant mattress made of high resilience foam. The mattress helps in keeping your spine free from pain and also helps in bettering body posture.
Boston Orthopaedic Queen size- There are multiple foam layers making up this particular mattress. A layer of hard and thick foam is kept at the bottom while the top has the softer foam layer for greater comfort. Quilted fabric is also used for the exterior cover.
Royal rest orthopaedic dual comfort- This is a twin size mattress with right amount of hardness and softness and is made with premium quality top fabric.