African Wax Print Fabrics

African Wax Print Fabrics

African Wax Print Fabrics Buy Various High Quality African Wax Prints Fabric, African Wax Prints. we developed Wholesale African wax prints fabric , African Prints Fabric –North or South- East or West, Fashion is everywhere in the World. A world without fashion is unimaginable and unpredictable. New ideas and coming as well as ancient or traditional styles are re-entering with renovating ideas. Changes in fashion world are coming like a boom. You can see these changes in clothing, fabrics, accessories, materials, threads, styles, manufacturing processes etc. These changes are happening because of the rotating taste of new generation as well as necessity of adaptable dressing style with the on-going climate. Each country has its own clothing style plus they also like to use the popular dressing styles from the other countries. This mix and match helps the fashion world to make wide verities of choices and a selection to the entire fashion lovers which helps these companies to maintain their position in the Global market with uncountable profit or sometimes helps to reach on the top of fashion world as the number one brand.

Clothing reveals the culture and history of representing country. If you have a deep thought regarding this, you will definitely say “YES” as your own will have a strong and interesting culture behind it. All over the world, each country has its own history which narrates the people, their living, their food habits and also their clothing trends. If you had dome a journey through any of the country, you will definitely find out some interesting and exiting facts about the clothing as well as some popular clothing styles which are adopted by the global people- the entire world!

Today we are going to discus some interesting facts about African Clothing- African Wax Print Fabrics. As the name indicates, this particular fabric style is omnipresent in Africa. This specific fabric is also known as Dutch Wax Prints. This fabric style is especially common in West Africa. I know all of you are having the question “what is this fabric?” in your mind. Well, hold the fire in your belly as we are going to have a deep journey to this special fabric style. We all know that Africa has its own clothing style which uses bright colors and its different combinations. So let’s dig some facts about the African Wax Print Fabrics.

As mentioned above, The African Wax Print Fabrics is a quiet common style in the Africa, especially in West Africa. These are colorful cotton cloths which are made using a technique of wax dyeing. It can be the cloths made out using this particular wax resist dyeing. “Batik”- sounds like little unfamiliar, isn’t? Batik is an art of decorating clothes using wax, which is a part of ancient tradition in Indonesia. This technique is practiced for centuries and still you can found best batik fabrics in Indonesia as well as in Java. This is because, the technique  is the part of their ancestors and there will be their roots who follows the traditional process to manufacture the pure fabric with the original patterns and designs.

So the African Wax Printed Fabrics is waxed cotton which uses paraffin wax or beeswax as the raw material. This wax can be either woven to the clothes or can be applied to the cloths. This wax application will make the cloth waterproof.  African wax print fabrics lack the color intensity for both sides- front and back side. Depending on the type of wax used in the fabrics and the steps involved in the manufacturing, these fabrics can be categorized with its quality. Both paraffin wax as well as beeswax is used for this wax dyeing, in which the former is used in wide. This may be due to the availability and the cost as compared with the beeswax.

Coming back to the African dressing style, we can see that their local wear is entirely different rather than the other styles. These African wax printed fabrics are sold in either full piece or half piece. If you are taking a full piece, you will get 12 yards and if it is half, then the cloth will be of 6 yards. This is the basic measuring scale of this African wax printed clothes. Normally these fabrics are made out as per the customer needs. That means the customer can specify the colors they wants in their fabrics.  The preference of the colors will make the fabric looks more bright and unique among the crowd.  Mainly these fabrics are used to make dress for their traditional occasions.

African wax print fabrics can be considered as a part of African women life. They are using these types of fabrics to convey their thoughts and messages as a non verbal communication. These fabrics are named based on some personalities, places, occasions etc. As the western culture uses different colored roses for passing their feelings with others, Africans uses these fabrics type to pass their message with the world. You can create your own fabrics which is wax printed with your customized design. After that you can name these fabrics to protect the quality of the same. For this purpose producer’s name, product name as well as the registration number will be printed on the fabrics. As every original has its own duplicates, these data will help the seller to protect their fabrics from being copied as lower quality printed fabrics.

Mainly the African women are doing these African wax printed fabric business and they are very much successive in this industry. The main reason for the success is that they are very much connected with the local life and understand the feelings and emotions of their customers. And they are also very much connected with the traditions, occasions of local Africa. They are making their own customized fabrics as well as pattern with the color preferences from their customers and sell on the streets. These wax fabrics gives better capital for these African women and they are collecting these based on their financial status.

These African wax printed fabrics became very popular and common among the African people. Certain color combinations as well as patterns share some sort of expressions, feelings as well as messages among these Africans. These fabrics began used as common apparel by leaders, politicians as these will help them to easily communicate with the native people. Some of these prints or fabrics are having some catchy names which make the business more easy among the sellers. African wax printed fabrics are now available based on the occasions, traditions and some special patterns which are very popular in the country as a local asset.


African wax printed fabrics were local assets to the Africa. They were produced and owned by the Africans themselves. But these vibrant patterns and color combinations now became inspirational sources to the designers and fashion makers in the world.  These designs and fabrics made a global influence and this will definitely make some fabulous fashion changes in the coming era. As the fashion world is changing with light speed, new ideas and pure quality becomes the necessary factors to retain the position of every fashion companies in this competitive world. Hence the companies and the designers are in search for new ideas with well quality fabrics to make widely accepted brands form their side. Africa was known as dark country in all sense, but now days the darkness is getting removed by knowing and accepting these types of ideas from this awesome country. African wax printed fabric designs are now inspiring the whole world, especially the fashion world to make a globally accepted wide range of fabrics with good quality and cost effective dress materials. It’s quite sure that there will be lot of researches and studies on these patterns and colors for making more elegant and vibrant clothing styles and fabrics to inspire the fashion lovers to try and experience an entirely different fashion change.

So now hope you get an overall idea about the African wax printed fabrics. It’s quite amazing to understand how the patterns, color combinations in the fabrics became some sort of nonverbal communication path between the natives. African wax printed fabrics are now getting popular in the global fashion world too. It’s being a fabulous fact that every culture as well as traditions is linked with every native people. Just watch the native lives, their interaction, food habits even their dressing styles will gave us a lot of information about the history and valuable finding of each country. This will help us to understand why those cultures and traditions are so important to the respective nations. We all neglects these type of information as silly matters, but just imagine, how these type of investigations or researches keep us updated with our neighboring countries and about their existence. This blog is regarding the African wax printed fabrics, but through this we are getting some additional valuable message too. These are very important for the mankind as for the next generation these valuable thoughts and  facts will be the  basic building blocks for a new and better  lifestyle and  may became the building blocks of a better and united global world.

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