5 Reasons to Install LED TV in Your Guest Room

5 Reasons to Install LED TV in Your Guest Room

It is but natural that guest rooms in homes be fitted out with a TV. The very idea is to provide a good comfortable stay to the visiting guest. Traditionally the guest rooms were fitted out with a conventional CRT TV and this was considered normal as it was not every day that the guest room was put to use. Listed out are 5 compelling reasons to use a LED TV in place of the more common CRT models in the guest room of the average home.

#1. Little cost advantage

In the early days of the LED TV, it was quite an expensive type of television and most folks shied away from using it in the guest rooms for the very fact that the guest rooms were unused for the most part of the year. But this sort of cost difference has been eroded away with the LED TV models having little cost difference to the common CRT TVs.

#2. Increased efficiency

One of the most pressing features of the LED TV was that it was the more energy efficient type of TV. If the large screens sized TV screens were to be considered, say 32 Inches and above, it would be seen that the LED models are remarkably more efficient when it comes to power consumption. Considering the long term, the LED TV could well pay for itself with the savings in energy costs.

#3. Better viewer experience

Most folks that get to view a LED TV would vouch for the sheer viewing pleasure that this type of a TV provides. A fair comparison can be made between the models currently available here and it is possible to have the right pick of TV no matter the size and configuration of the guest room. Since in most homes, the guests are supposed to be pampered with attention, it is but a natural choice to use a LED TV.

#4. Interactive nature of LED TV models

By the term interactive, it is meant of the property of the LED TV to change its brightness and other picture properties to enable a more comfortable viewing experience. This feature is one of the main reasons to install LED TV in your guest room and for those in the habit of spending long hours in front of the TV this could well be the most suited choice.

There is never a shortage of features when it comes to the TVs of present times and this has to do with the role that cutting edge electronics play in their construction. It thus becomes easy to offer a lot of features and creature comforts to the viewer. This is also the key reason that the new types of TVs like the LED models have been able to out sell the more traditional TV models.

#5. Heat generated by the TV

As with most electrical and electronics equipment, the televisions too do heat up when in use. But the amount of heat that the traditional CRT TV produces is many times that which the LED TV gives out. This has to do with the more power hungry nature of the CRT TV as compared to the LED models.

The future of TV is said to be with the LED variety and as such the latest of developments are happening with the LEDs. This is further going to increase the performance levels of the future ready LED TVs thus in effect further distancing itself from old CRT TVs.


It is only natural that improvements and innovation in the field of televisions would mean that the old CRT models are being given the second class status. This is but a natural phenomenon that comes with time and all fields are prone to this. It is just that the new products are more disruptive in nature where technology or its application is considered.