Yellowing Or Staining Of The Teeth Requires The Help Of An Expert Dental Specialist

Dental Specialist Clinic In Kalyan deal with many people who come with several misconceptions about dental treatment procedure.

Amongst the most incorrectly understood procedures, teeth whitening is the number one.

People feel that the whitening procedures cause permanent damage to the teeth. They are not safe for the long-term health of the teeth.

Dr. Lalit Borale, a renowned dental surgeon, underlines the fact that teeth whitening is an entirely scientific and safe procedure. If performed correctly, it extends the life and strength of the teeth.

With the introduction of further effective and Affordable Teeth Whitening Treatment in Kalyan, it is possible for everyone to take the remarkable benefits of it.

Before understanding several ways of making the teeth pearly white, let’s understand why do teeth turn yellow?

Reasons behind yellowing of teeth

Though we regularly brush the teeth, sometimes it is not sufficient to keep the teeth shining white. Several factors are responsible for it.

  • Excessive consumption of tea, coffee or soda. It causes yellowing stains on the teeth that become permanent eventually.
  • Ove consumption of acidic food affect the outside layer of the enamel and makes it appear yellowish. Gradually, the coating becomes hard and cause permanent coloring of the teeth.
  • Genetics also play a vital role in the yellowing of the teeth.

If treated early, the yellowness of the teeth goes away quickly. However, once the stains become stubborn one must go to a good hospital such as Dr. Lalit’s Multispeciality Dental Care Clinic.

In the case of severe yellowing, doctors use specialized methods to clean the teeth.

Remember, yellow teeth indicate the deposition of plaque which may result in losing the teeth eventually. The Dental Implant Cost In Kalyan is incredibly higher than plaque removal. Hence, it is always better to start treatment early.

Methods of teeth whitening

Before you go to some well-equipped hospital such as Dr. Lalit’s Multispeciality Dental Care Clinic, it is quite possible to reduce the coloring by using simple treatments.

As informed by Dr. Lalit Borale, using products that contain bleaching agent is useful in removing the stains if they are in the beginning stage.

The bleaching agent penetrates through the enamel and bleaches the yellow dentin. However, it is essential to avoid the excessive use of bleaching agents. It could damage the enamel and cause irreversible damage to the teeth.

Using harsh methods can remove the superficial yellow layer and stains. Many ‘Over the Counter’ products are there.

If the staining is excessive and there are symptoms of gum disease as well, then it is better going to a super specialty dental clinic that offers the Affordable Teeth Whitening Treatment in Kalyan.

Out of the two methods, abrasive methods are not recommended. If not done properly, then they may cause damage to the teeth instead of benefits.

Teeth whitening procedures are far less expensive than Dental Implant Cost In Kalyan. Hence, it is recommended that one should not wait for the things to worsen.

Improper cleaning impacts the health of your teeth, yellowing or staining may happen because of many other reasons.

Home remedies can treat normal staining, but if it is because of plaque, then it is always better to consult a doctor.

Get the cleaning done at Dental Specialist Clinic In Kalyan and enjoy long-lasting, healthy teeth.