If you have an injured or painful knee, wearing a knee brace is highly recommended. Most athletes use different knee supports to prevent potential injuries, especially when engaging in contact sports. In general, knee bracesare created from various materials such as foam, metal, plastic, straps, and other elastic materials. Also, knee supports are designed in different colors, sizes, and materials.

Basic types of knee braces :

Knee braces have four basic types:

1. Prophylactic braces. These knee braces safeguard the knees from any injury when competing in contact sports such as football or basketball.

2. Functional braces. When an injury or an accident occurred, these braces are used to provide knee support.

3. Rehabilitative braces. These braces are used to minimize knee movements, especially when the knee is recuperating after an injury or surgery.

4. Patellofemoral braces. These braces assist in the smooth movement of the kneecap over the knee joint.

Other classification of knee brace :

Knee braces can be classified as sleeves, supports, stabilizers, and hinges. Knee sleeves have various sizes, which you can slip on over the knee. Knee supports can be adjusted and usually wrapped around the knee. Both are used with a basic support, providing warmth and compression. Knee stabilizers have steel springs found on both knee sides necessary for advanced support. The hinged knee braces have hinges, enabling the knee to shift in such a way that is near to the knee’s natural movement for the most advanced support.

Phiten’s Knee Supporter (soft type) :

If you are experiencing too much pressure on your knees or any discomfort in that area, you may opt to use Phiten’s soft type knee supporters. Unlike other knee supports that have a harder shell, this soft type support is suitable for those who feel pain and pressure on their knees.

Designed with stretchable and soft fabric, this pair of knee supporter strikes a balance between support and comfortable movement. Infused with AQUA-TITANIUM, this alleviates any discomfort and improves muscle flexibility and strength without preventing you from doing your daily tasks or carrying your chores. Phiten’s Knee Supporter enables you to move freely and keeps you to be productive and comfortable throughout the day.

Other Phiten’s knee supporter products include Supporter Knee Middle Band, Supporter Knee Middle Type, and Supporter Knee Hard Type. For more info about Phiten’s products, visit Phiten Supporters.

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