Private Surrogacy arrangement vs. Agency facilitated arrangement

While we understand about the process of Surrogacy and its various types, what matters more is how the same gets through in different context and circumstances. Moreover, there are generally two ways in which a Surrogacy process can be carried on: Via an Agency or through personal arrangements.

Types of Surrogacy Arrangements

When we talk about both types of arrangements, both of them carry their own list of advantages and Disadvantages in the process and its really up to the person who is looking for a surrogate or a person which is offering the surrogacy services, to ascertain the most feasible arrangement for their requirements. When it comes to the private arrangement, you generally had to do everything from your end. From finding a surrogate, to making the arrangements and putting contracts in place, everything needs to be taken care by a single or a group person only.

This, on the other hand is more convenient and easier to take care of when an agency is involved to take care of all the processes, as they will make sure that the surrogate mothers will be going through all the health checkups and required tests before being putting on board to help the Independent parents. Moreover, the arrangements done with the agency will ensure that the surrogate mother has been agreed on to various emotional, physical and psychological changes which might occur during the course of the pregnancy. This would ultimately bring the “Peace of mind” into picture for both Intended parents and the surrogate mother.

How to go by the arrangements?

Moreover, it’s really necessary to take care of the arrangements whether it’s in relation to personal arrangement or via an agency. The person needs to deal with an attorney or legal advisor and put the entire necessary contract in place which should be duly signed by both the parties. Even if the arrangement is personal and there is a family person involved in the process, the legal obligations should be put in place in order to avoid any future issues like Dissatisfaction of the surrogate mother due to emotional and psychological changes, Inability to go through the physical pain and health issues during the surrogacy process and so on.

Therefore it’s better to put everything under legal obligations whether it’s about a personal arrangement or an agency, Moreover, when you go with an agency, there are more chances that you will get all the required assistance in terms of legal bindings , rules of the state and laws for surrogacy within that particular territory. This would ultimately avoid and future legal issues to happen between both he parties and ensure that the baby is carried on by the surrogate mother without any psychological pressure out of random issues.

Also, if the person go through any unprecedented issue in the future while dealing with the surrogacy procedure on his own, it would become very hard for him or her to deal with the same in the wake of certain legal complications and he or she would then be thinking of going to the agency instead.

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