Patanjali saundarya swarn kanti fairness gold cream

Every girl and woman wants to look more beautiful. In this endeavor they want to know about every new product, so that they can increase their strength further. In this episode, I also keep looking for new cosmetic products and brands.

In the past, I heard about Patanjali gold cream and as Patanjali is a trusted brand, I took this cream. Although these creams are more expensive than other Patanjali products and the volume is only 15 grams. Still, keeping in mind its effect and attractive packing, I decided to use it for some time. In this, claimed to be that which is quite beneficial for the face.

I noticed that this gold cream is quite tired and white in color. Due to being heavy, it does not spread easily. In this, moisture provides adequate nutrition to the skin. Due to Aloe vera, it is effective for every type of skin. After two-three weeks of use, skin appears to be visible. These gold creams are completely Ayurvedic and its main components are as follows:

  1. Aloe Vera: It is the main ingredient of this gold cream that helps to soften the skin, as well as being vitamin C, accumulates in the skin and acts as anti-aging.2. Fact: It fixes the wrinkles of the face.

    3. Heald oil: It protects skin from harmful bacteria and jerks, as well as anti-aging.
    4. Wheat oil oil: This skin nourishes tissue.

    5. Chironji: This skin improves texture and helps to remove facial scars.

    6. Jozoba oil – it helps in keeping skin healthy and providing nutrition.

    7. Manage – It works to remove the color of the skin and cleans the color.

    8. Rare Sugar- It provides moisture to the skin and protects the skin from harmful rays of the sun.

Some positive aspects of gold cream


  1. Attractive and attractive packing
  2. Great Fragrance
  3. Useful for every kind of skin4. Do not dry skin or make hair

    5. Fully Herbal Creams

  4. Maintains moisture in the face
  5. Regular use will keep the skin clean and tidy


Some downside

1. Its effect does not last long

2. Gives a face to the face that often feels familiar

  1. Stains – Not very effective on spots4. Prices are too high

    5. Quantity ends soon

    In this way, Patanjali gold cream is a good choice in available products which helps in making the skin clean, soft and fair. As well, its use keeps the skin shiny and makes it feel good. But due to high prices and low volume, limited people can use it.