Upcoming PC Games & Video Games 2018

PC Games For 2018 are now days getting more popularity than other video games. PC Games For 2018 One of the main reasons behind this popularity is the growing interest in technology as well as ideas. Well, the world is growing faster so as the entertainment field. More and more ideas are developing with youngster’s energy and enthusiasm. Different themes are becoming part of this gaming world like Aliens, Underworld etc. People are getting addicted to these games as they believe they are the part of these PC Games For 2018. Some popular Top  PC Games For 2018 are having updated or upgraded versions as the vendors are having more profit, popularity and publicity from their works.

Upcoming  PC Games – 2018.

  1. Psychonauts 2 Top  PC Games For 2018

One of the popular game releases that is expecting in 2018 is the Psychonauts 2. This second version is the result of the generosity of great fans of Psychonauts all over the world, which was developed in 2015. The new version will be more exciting and powerful with more entertainment and fun. Raz is the main character in this game. The theme of Psychonauts 2 is Raz’s Psychonauts HQ arrival and how he has to stand for the Psychonauts. The Award winning team Double Fine Productions is going to develop this wonderful game. So get ready for the journey with Raz in PsychonPC Games For 2018auts2.


2. Unsung Story Top  PC Games For 2018


As the name indicated this game is themed with the battles in the history. It is a game having various episodes of battles.  This covers the battles fought between various kingdoms and empires in the fantasy world called Rasfalia. The creators say, “You will connect to the unsung heroes through your actions and decisions”. That means the complete control over these battles will be depending on your fingertips. Having a lot of interesting war accessories and levels, this game will definitely make the players feels like an unsung hero!

PC Games For 2018

3. Project Phoenix Top  PC Games For 2018

Project Phoenix is an upcoming game developing under the CIA- Creating Intelligence Arts. This game will be the first Japan based video game which is target for whole world audience. The game will be for Microsoft WindowsOS XLinuxPlayStation 4PlayStation VitaiOSAndroid platforms.

PC Games For 2018

4. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Top  PC Games For 2018                        

The Pillars of Eternity: Deadfire is an upcoming release in 2018 which is developing under Obsidian Entertainment. The game is for the platforms Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The story is set in the imaginary world called Eora. The player will be assigned as the role Watcher with ability to know the others feelings and thoughts.  The story leads the player to Eoaths the God of rebirth and there begins the Deadfire.


PC Games For 2018

5.Shattered Tale of The Forgotten King Top  PC Games For 2018


The team Redlock Studio is developing a game, which will give the player an intensive storytelling and epic battle experience. The team is working to create an intimate world of complex tale.  This game is a Single Player with Unreal engine. So let’s get ready to find the forgotten king through Shattered stones!

PC Games For 2018

So, these are some of the PC Games For 2018 we are going to meet in the coming year of gaming world. Hope these will give an amazing entertainment plus fun for the players. Let it be helpful for the mankind to have a great and joyful gaming time. As we all know, everything that matters to the mankind has a power to make a change in their behaviour as well as lifestyle. Some gamers get mad towards some game characters or situations which make some negative impact on our lives. So the game creators should take the responsibility to make their players wise through their games. A good message to the world wide audience through the entertainment world. Fingers crossed for the upcoming gaming packages.

So whatever be the theme and world that is waiting for us- the game lovers in the list PC Games of 2018 just make it only for our entertainment, not for our real life. Have a happy game time!!!