Need for Speed Payback no sound issue – fix no sound

The latest game by EA sports Need for Speed Payback error showing no sound is your 1st issue for today? And you looking for no sound solutions? then its the right place to slove the issue for Need for Speed Payback  no sound

first of all you need to know that you are in right place and first thing to and simple step, is to download and install direct x  latest version or to reinstall it from here and after that you need to restart your start to work properly. it  is very important to download and install offline installed given in link above!!


If the no sound problem in Need for Speed Payback is still present even with directx re-installed in your device, you should follow other ways from bellow for Need for Speed Payback Windows version.

Need for Speed Payback no audio fixes:

please follow the step to fix the  Need for Speed Payback sound error

1. Clean your operating system first!! you can choose some cleaning software for cleaning your devices .It is very important to delete all garbage and errors in your device before doing anything.

Free System and Registry Cleaner

2. With system cleaned and errors are fixed in your device, then you need to select sound icon from right bottom corner, then select Speakers button.


a. Now you need change from 24 bit to 16 bit devices, select apply and try to play Need for Speed Payback now.


Need for Speed Payback sound issues


What if Need for Speed Payback ? Still not working wit the sound issues?  you need to make  sure that your speakers or headphones working fine ?

If yes, then you should update your sound driver software for your device


How to do that ?

1. first of all you need to know which driver is best for your computer or laptop, and for that you need to know the name of your sound card which you are using in your device.

Now, if you know the name of your sound card using in your device., is time to download new sound driver and install :

Select sound card driver:

Need for Speed Payback A. Realtek driver

B. Via Vinyl driver

Need for Speed Payback C. Creative Sound blaster driver

D. SoundMAX driver

If you don`t know which driver to download, is because you need to use hardware parts detector from above.

Need for Speed Payback no sound

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NOTE! You still have no sound issue ? Then you did something wrong or dint do it like we suggested.