Mortal Kombat X crash issues – learn how to fix crash to desktop or black screen errors – fix freezing issues

Mortal Kombat X  II is keep crashing to desktop when you start the game? Or while playing Mortal Kombat X   ? This is a important question because can be different issue.

If your Mortal Kombat X   is crashing as soon you want to play, then the most possible cause is that your driver is old and you need to install new one.

Few ways to fix Mortal Kombat X crash to desktop, Mortal Kombat X

black screen issues or Mortal Kombat X freezing in game issues.

From easy way to hard way

Turn internet and antivirus OFF and try to play Mortal Kombat X

NO? Try next

Run Mortal Kombat X game as Administrator (right click on Gears of War 4  icon and select Run as Administrator)

Not working that either ?

Clean your operating system with this, then download and install vcredists and framework from here

Still Not working? Next

Update your video graphics driver!

No? Try this:

Uninstall Mortal Kombat X game, clean the system with provided software, then install Mortal Kombat X game again


Try to install Mortal Kombat X game on another partition! For example if your Mortal Kombat X game is installed on C:, install it on D: or viceversa

Not working? Let`s try this:

If you are sure that your device is capable to run the Mortal Kombat X game, then maybe you have BAD sectors on Hard Disk HDD?

I will show you how to fix hdd bad sectors!

1. Click on search box for windows and type cmd and press ENTER

2. Select Command Prompt with right click and RUN as Administrator

3. Type chkdsk f/r (or paste it) and hit enter

4. Follow the instructions (pres Y to accept) and your device will get restart and then windows will try to fix bad sectors from your HDD.