Games For Girls and Boys To Play

Games are the destination for getting relaxed from all other work pressures nowadays.  Not only for boys , games for girls are also available in the play stores.  A games for girls to play is an activity which is executed only for pleasure and without conscious purposes. A games for girls to play is a structured form of play usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an education tool. Games are sometimes played purely for enjoyment, sometimes for achievement or reward as well. Key components of games are goals, rules, challenge, and interaction. Games generally involve mental or physical stimulation, and often both. Many games for girls to play help develop practical skills, serve as a form of exercise, or otherwise perform an educational tool. In general, every activity that gives pleasure can be assumed as a game. In most games, the rules are most significant than the components. But there are games where these roles are reversed: where the components are significant and the rules are not very important at all usually in the case of action games. The components are the hardware and the rules are software. Both define the game. Both can exist independently from each other, but separately is not a game.

Games vary according to the tastes of each people. Normally, games are divided into two- games for boys and games for girls. The games for girls are again classified into various streams.

               Games For Girls To Play

The games for girls have huge varieties of games. The children stopped playing with the dolls they have. They prefer the graphics and animations provided by the new games. The most likely games include dress up the Barbie games, games including small tasks, cooking games and so on.

           Cooking Games For Girls

– Cooking has made as a hobby for most of the boys and girls nowadays due to Cooking games for girls available in the play store. Cooking actually requires a talent and most of the girls nowadays don’t think cooking as a passion in their busy life. Due to studies and stressful working hours they don’t get time to learn preparing food and all. Food gets tastier and delicious only if you keep on preparing them. Thereby cooking becomes passion and different varieties of food items will be prepared as a part of creativity. In our busy life, we probably used to buy packet foods and prefer fast foods. Even though we know that fast food may cause diseases, we still buy them due to lack of time.

In order to make our new generation passionate to cooking, our play store provides some cooking games especially for girls. These Cooking games for girls range from baking pastries to0 designing new dishes. You can start your cooking by making delicious cookies and cake in the Cooking games for girls. Also you can own a restaurant by preparing a menu including the food items you prepare and serve them without having delay with the customers. Time management is one of the main other attraction of these types of gamesCooking games for girls. All these cooking games includes time management through serving the food at the time without making the customers wait for long and thereby earning money for that. Every rewards will be a stepping stone towards a more successful business man. also you can make other meals like baked chicken, vegetable soup, with fresh ingredients etc. Serve delicious meals quickly to your customers to earn money and thereby grow your business. You can also work as a pizza maker, and craft perfect pies to earn tips and upgrade your wardrobe. Especially teen age girls will definitely love unlocking new outfits and dressing better than ever before.

cooking games for girls

Cooking games for girls include baking, cake, pizza, ice cream, and all sorts of other foods you can prepare as the chef or serve to your restaurant. You can be the greatest chef of all time and you can cook anything you want. The recipes range from wedding cakes to salads, chocolate muffins to lasagna, ice cream to Mediterranean pasta. The options are endless. You can play the Cooking games for girls and learn the recipes, and then make them at home and serve your friends a nice dinner, lunch or even breakfast. It takes a lot of practice for cutting vegetables, slicing chicken, boiling eggs and frying meatballs. But on this cooking journey, you can experience world cuisine and learn new cooking tricks.

The Top 5 cooking games for girls 

  • Cooking Fever – Cooking games for girls

Cooking fever is the free addictive time-management Cooking games for girls. You can cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world. This free cooking game has a choice of 18 unique locations. With Cooking Fever, you will be able to practice your skills in a variety of settings and cooking techniques. There are more than 400 dishes to cook using 150 ingredients. It has kitchen appliances like coffee makers, pizza ovens, rice cookers and popcorn makers to make the cooking place like a heaven for chefs. The unique feature of this cooking game is that you can make your own freebies, such as cookies or cupcakes and make your customers’ experience more personal and memorable

2. Burger – Cooking games for girls

Burger serving Cooking games for girls is a free addictive time management cooking game. All people who love burgers will definitely love this game. It is completely a time management Cooking games for girls for girls which challenges you as a chef. This free Cooking games for girls is like a story playing. Master chef will hire you in a chain restaurant. You have to serve clients as fast as possible to earn money and even tips for yourself.

Lots of different ingredients like bread, meat, and lettuce are there for you in the kitchen. Take maximum orders from your customers. Please them with best sandwiches, desserts, ice creams, garnishes, and sodas. The beauty of this Cooking games for girls for android is the more you will play, the more ingredients will appear in the fast-food. So, Take the cooking challenge, Work from Monday to Saturday and achieve your goal to get more money and new ingredients for the service.

3. World Chef – Cooking games for girls

World chef is another Cooking games for girls which challenges you with different special food items obtaining from all over the world. It is a special kind of Cooking games for girls which introduce new foods  in and around your country. If you like to go round your country, then you have reached the correct place. This is an international game in which there is a spot for you in the kitchens of World Chefs with talented chefs and recipes from over 20 nationalities.

Make your dreams true. Open your dream restaurant, name it, decorate it to your taste and run your own fine dining restaurant. With World Chef start cooking world cuisines and serving customers. Buy and trade fresh ingredients and cook increasingly delicious dishes like Tacos, pizza, sushi. This is not a fast food joint. So, take your time, cook slowly and make your best recipes. Your customers know they will be worth the waiting.

4. Crazy Kitchen – Cooking games for girls

Crazy kitchen is a Cooking games for girls especially made for girls is a type of international level cooking game. Those girls who are interested to travel around in order to understand the culture of food will like this game for sure. In this free Cooking games for girls the chef have to travel from one town to another and you have to introduce your new dishes to that town. The positive responses and money collection are the basic factor that indicates how delicious were your dish for them. Those girls especially teen age girls who love live their life as a chef will be a dream come true. Satisfy customers hunger as you travel from one town to another through various lands creating delicious bakery sweets, savory Asian cuisine, scrumptious Mexican fare and more. There are Addictive match-3 gameplay with 500+ challenging, yet satisfying levels and fun combo boosters and power-ups. You will get daily costume rewards and extra special features give you coins for free.

5. COOKING MAMA Let’s Cook!- Cooking games for girls

Make amazing recipes with Cooking Mama. You have tasks like Chop, bake and boil food by using only your finger and create delicious dishes in no time. There are many modes in this Cooking games for girls like Trial Cooking, Game plaza, challenge ranking, etc. In Trial cooking, more than 30 recipes are available. Earn coins in the game and you can try out new recipes. In Game Plaza, you have to play free games such as Help Out and Exercise your brain. This cooking game for girls takes Guarantee to make you feel hungry.

                Dress up games for girls

Are you a fashion loving girl and looking for some interesting dress up games? Hi, your search will now get some interesting games- dress up games to entertain your fashion love. On internet you can find a variety of such free games as well as paid games which fall under the category of dress up games for girls who love fashion. Girls, especially teenage girls love fashion and everything related to fashion. These games are having attractive GUI and very easily manageable steps to entertain you through this fashion dress up game.

Dress up Games For Girls Who Love Fashion

These games are giving you a platform for growing your talent in fashion designing. Most of such games are designed with a perspective of making players own design styles and choice. On the screen there will be some dress patterns along with related accessories as well as jeweler items. The player has to just click or drag their selected combination towards the girl given for dress up. So based on your fashion taste, you can make different combinations with the available patterns. Some games offer the option to take screenshots of the final outfit you have created for the character of the game.
So if you are a Mom of girls who love fashion games and you want them to develop their talent in this field from their childhood, then let them play these amazing free games to show their talent. Let’s see below some of the popular free fashion dress up games for girls.

    Dress up Games For Teenage Girls

Games For Girls and Boys
Mall Girls is an interesting dress up games for teens who love fashion game and style. This is a simple game which can also be played by small girls which only needs mouse click skill. There will be three dolls to which your fashion game love should be shown. For each doll, there will be options for hair style, clothing as well as accessories.
Steps for playing Mall Girls Game:
Step 1: Click on the available options to make over the three girls.
Step 2: Once completed then click on the camera option to take the screenshot.

Games For Girls and Boys
New year is coming and these two Princess wanted themselves to be in a new make over to start their new year. So they are decided to make some stylish changes to their fashion game to look more beautiful and stay fresher with new eve. So they are looking for your help to change their fashion game with your stunning fashion game ideas to decorate their scrapbook as well as their rooms too.

Steps for playing Princess New Lifestyle in 2017:
Step 1:As the first step, decorate the rooms of both sisters from the available options like bedding, carpet, curtains etc.
Step 2: Secondly decorate their scrap book from the three interesting options to make them pretty.
Step 3:Lastly make these royal girls as modern girls by helping them to choose their new outfit as well as related accessories to make awesome look for the new year.

Games For Girls and Boys
Girls Fashion game Performance is an online game designed for fashion game loving girls to enjoy their passion in a funny way. Here Strawberry Shortcake and her friends are going to participate in a fashion  game event where all these girls want to make them as much prettier than others to win the contest. So by playing this game you are helping these fashion loving girls to win the game.
Steps for playing Girls fashion game Performance:
Step 1: Select clothes for Strawberry Shortcake and then select accessories from the left tray to make her beautiful.
Step 2: Then do the same for her friends and finish your game.

Games For Girls and Boys

Ellie Sweet Sixteen is a sweet game to play with your fashion game thirst. Here Ellie is going to celebrate her 16th birthday with her loving friends. And for the occasion she wants herself to be beautiful as she can. So let’s help her for the makeover and celebrate with her on the party.
Steps for playing Ellie Sweet Sixteen:
Step 1: Make Ellie stylish for her birthday party by clicking the available dress, sandal as well as accessories option.
Step 2: In the next level, first decorate the birthday cake by clicking on it and select your choice from the list.
Step 3: Finally decorate the room/ background as per your taste by selecting your choice to make it beautiful.

Games For Girls and Boys

Steps for playing Pretty Tiaras:
This one is a stylish game where you have to help this princess to get a new look from her old tiaras. She needs to make her stunning so that all other princess in her neighboring countries will be her fans. She is taking her step towards it but need your help to select the best form the wide ranges.

Step 1: Select the princess complexion hairstyle, outfit as well as other accessories from the option tray available in the left panel.
Step 2: Once you made the changes to look her stylish and fashionable press on the Done button. There you can have the option to print as well as share of Facebook.

These are some among a variety of online games created to entertain as well as develop fashion game skills of girls as well as teens from their young days. Loved these games! Then get ready to enjoy your fashion world with these online free dress up games for teens as well as fashion game lovers. Have a stylish play time!

         Fun Games For Girls And Boys

Who doesn’t love dressing up? Whether you’re going on a date or going to the beach, we’ve got a list of cute fun dress up games for girls and boys. Each and every dress up game is built for a teenage- girl whose imagination about fashion is made true through these games. The main goal behind fun dress up games girls and boys about fashion is to be welcoming and friendly environment for everyone who like fun  dress up games girls and boys, makeover games, room designing and all types of games for those who like getting creative and having fun with fashion. Teen age girls are so crazy behind some exciting fun dress up games girls and boys, for them we have a collection of 5 best fun dress-up games for girls. There are so many fun girl dresses up games that girls enjoy playing on mobile, tablets, iPhone and also online on pc.

If you are mom and you love dressing up you kid and also play fun  dress up games girls and boys online on mobile and tablets then you are in the correct place. Here we will introduce you the best collection of free fun  dress up games for you. The best fun dress up games like dream doll makeover, wedding makeup salon, party girls makeover, princess spa salon dress up, spa and makeup dress up etc  are connected with Facebook where you can invite your friends to play along with you and you can compete with them.

Free Games For Kids – Fun Games For Boys or Girls

In this year 2017, many new dress-up games for girls have been launched that you play online on pc, mobile phones, tablets and I phones. There is fun dress up games for girls and boys that love fashion or some wedding dress up games that you can also share with friends on Facebook and invite them to play along with you. Many girls would never leave the house without putting at least a bit of make up on. Make up games mainly includes tasks like choosing awesome makeup for the doll, your doll might need a makeover for her dreams to come true. In the game, you have to paint a face with eyeliner and lipstick and play like models in the ramp. Most of the teenage girls are addicted to these kinds of games and go deep inside the world of fashion. A good make over never ever hurt anyone. Instead fashion these adventurous women from head to toe. Provide them a unique style and start your imagination about fashion from there. It’s fun using makeup to create new looks!

  Here is the list of Top 5 dress-up games for girls and boys


  1.  Dream doll makeover – Here you can give your doll a makeover of your choice. If  you want her to          be princess or a Rock star or a bride. Whatever you think you can transform your doll. If you want her to be a princess or a bride or casual wear , you can make it so. Whatever you think your doll to be , you cam transform your doll.
  2. Wedding makeup salon– In this game, many varieties of jewelleries and dress materials will be available for a bride. You can transform your doll according to your wish and can improve your creativity skill in case of beauty.
  3. Party girl’s makeover –Teens are so crazy for parties so here is a game for party girls who can give a makeover to your model
  4. Princess spa salon dress up – Here you can give spa treatments to your Barbie princess and enjoy with friends
  5. Spa and makeup dress up – In this game you can try your hand on some beautiful design that you can create from weird to fantastic designs.