Revenue Growth Predicted for lipstick molding machines market by 2017 – 2027

Cosmetic packaging and machinery market is one of the fastest growing markets, and comprises of a large variety of products. Lipstick is one of the most enduring of cosmetic products. Lipstick molding machines are used for proper filling up of lipsticks under containers or tubes. Penetration of packaging in cosmetics is has increased at a meteoric pace, in the last few decades. Lipstick is one of the most sought after cosmetic products, across the globe. Lipstick molding machines are useful in order to enhance the efficiency while reducing the time required for molding and packaging of the product. Over the years, many technological changes have taken place.

Before filling lipstick under its container, it is moulded into a bullet shape. Initially, molding equipment is used to be made up of steel or aluminium, and the process involved pouring the hot molten formula into the mould. The process for molding of lipstick was automated in 1971 when Peter Weckerle invented the first fully automatic lipstick molding machine. Today, various types of lipstick molding machines are available in market, these are multipurpose, which means they are capable of changing moulds. So, the machine is not just used as a lipstick molding machine, but it can also be used for other cosmetic products, such as slim sticks, lip balms, and make-up sticks.

The global lipstick molding machines market is growing at the backdrop of flourishing beauty and cosmetic industry across the globe. In addition, lipstick molding machines has increased production efficiency of manufacturing units. First and foremost, lipstick molding machines allow packagers a benefit to produce larger volume of products in lesser time. One of the factors which drives the growth of the global lipstick molding machines market is customizability of lipstick molding machines, which enables these machines to be used for other cosmetic molding & filling purposes and in addition multiple heads can be added if one needs to increase production capacity.

These lipstick molding machines are meant to push the boundary of cosmetic industry globally. Various machines are available in the market with production capacities of 1000 pieces per hour to 3000 pieces per hour. It allows manufacturers to choose as per their requirement. Using hand filling objects might lead to variations in products in each containers, while this is not a case with filling and molding machines. This is expected to drive the global lipstick molding machines market. It seems that this machines need lengthy setup at first glance but once in operation, they are simple and productive. Initial machinery cost and maintenance might be the factor can hamper the global lipstick molding machines market during the forecast period.

Global lipstick molding machines market can be segmented as follows: On the basis of machine type, the global lipstick molding machines market can be segmented as: Automatic, Semi-automatic. On the basis of moulds used, the global lipstick molding machines market can be segmented as: Standard moulds, Split cavity moulds, Stripper plate moulds, Three plate moulds, Stack moulds, Hot runner moulds. Based on regions, the global track and trace labels market is divided into seven regions namely: North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific except Japan, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle-east and Africa, Japan.

North America and Western Europe are expected to be the most dominant regions for lipstick molding machines as they are home to some of the world’s leading beauty and cosmetics companies. APEJ and Latin America are expected to drive the global lipstick molding market over the forecast period, due to establishment of luxury brands in the region. Japan has flourished in cosmetic industry and is expected to witness high growth over the forecast period. MEA and Eastern Europe are expected to witness slow growth in the global lipstick molding market due as their growth is tapped by major players who squeezed out local players by their brand image and reliable quality and solid pricing.

Some of the key lipstick molding machines market players are- Siemens AG, Nanyo Co. Ltd., Leidex Co. Ltd., Cosmatic Cosmetic Machinery, Weckerle GmbH, Cavalla, Shanghai Eugeng International Trade Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Shaolin Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.,
Shanghai Biaozan Industrial Co., Ltd.

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