How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program with WhatsMode

So you want to become an affiliate with WhatsMode and open a store, congratulations! Let us walk you through the simple process that will provide you with an online store that you can share with your followers an earn a percentage of sales on.

Once you’ve been approved for the WhatsMode Affiliate Program, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link that connects to your WhatsMode store.  You can share your store with a unique link that can be posted on your blog, social media, video tutorials,— however, you choose! This link will help us track your traffic towards the website and keep you updated on how well your sales are doing.

As the influencer you would choose 10-15 pieces of clothing from a pool of our owned designs we have here in our LA office, or that can be sent to you from our online catalog for you to photograph. We would open a store for you on and the WM app, as well as take care of all sales, fulfillment, shipping, and customer service.

The more you promote, the more you earn. Take advantage of your link my broadcasting it to your followers and friends. For Instagram, you can utilize swipe ups on your Instagram stories and add the link to your bio so that all your followers can see it. You can also post your link on Facebook posts, Tweets, and in the bio of your YouTube videos.

WhatsMode provides you with an 8% revenue share on all sales through your affiliate link, and it doesn’t have to be products from your store! If anyone uses your link and purchases anything from the platform or another influencers store, you will still receive the same amount of revenue share.

Your store is supposed to reflect your style, so let WhatsMode help you curate lines that show off your every day unique looks. From dresses, shoes, and crop tops your followers will be able to browse your collection and select their favorite looks.

Head to this link to apply now: