What are the prerequisites to learn Microsoft Azure

Well, since you are conscious that Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud Software, yet it is not very different from other cloud options in the market. For that reason to learn any cloud solution, you need to understand the basics that comprise the cloud (Public in this case).

MS Azure is majorly made up of PAAS and IAAS. To begin with the IAAS part of Azure you need to be little aware of non-public cloud solutions like:

Virtual Machines – In this article you also need to have little knowledge about server OS (Windows and Linux Server knowledge will help).

Virtual Networks – so if you are well capable with fundamentals of the network, you won’t face issues in this domain, however, you should know that Azure tactics IPv4 address place for allotting IP address, IPv6 support is also now there (but right now only for load balancers). You also need to be aware of how to design address space on the basis of CIDR notice, how to divide it into subnets, what is a Network security group, ACL, NIC etc. Furthermore, the most important thing that you need to be aware of here is how to build a VPN from your on-prem environment to the cloud.

Storage Capabilities – how and the place your VHDs are stored, how your structured or unstructured data is stored in your on-prem atmosphere and relate it with the Azure platform, how MS provides you advanced SSD storage and how you can use HDD storage etc.

Hypervisor – you need to have an understanding about Hyper V or Exsi. Also know what Azure helps as an extension to store your VHDs (Is it .vhd, .vhdx, .vmdk).

Have a little knowledge about System Core Suite (SCCM, SCOM, VMM etc.

Under the PAAS platform Azure offers an excellent range of solutions:

-Azure App Service


-Other DB offerings but organized on IAAS VM

-Website App, Mobile phone App, Logic App, and API Apps

-A plethora of alternatives are there you just need to dive in.

After that see the side of azure which attracts you more, is it the development side or the infrastructure designer side, following you know your domain, go for a certification path. MS provides 3 certifications right now for Azure – 1. 533 (Implementing Azure IAAS Solutions) 2. 532 (Developing Azure Solutions) 3. 534 (Architecting Azure Infrastructure solutions). Purchase the MOCs and start your learning approach.

All the Best!

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