Entrance exam is a situation of fear for most of the students appearing for it. A stream of fear and tension runs through them as soon as the topic of entrance exam is discussed or when the entrance exam knocks the door. And if the question is about the NATA entrance exam, then more fear is visible on the students faces as the number of applicants is less, so they get to know very few experiences regarding the NATA exams. But actually there is nothing to take tension about. It is as common as the other exams. The syllabus is completely based on your ideas of drawing and fashion.

Here I have provided some tips and tricks to crack NATA entrance exam. Go through them carefully and also try to follow them and you will surely get help from it.

Listed are some tips and tricks to crack NATA entrance exam:

  1. Your very first job is to go though the syllabus of the NATA entrance exam and study accordingly. No need to waste your time on the topics which are not mentioned in the syllabus.

  2. Keep on boosting your skills of sketching by practicing to sketch anything and everything you like as much as you can. As among the two papers, first one is the drawing ability test. So start with the simple and easy ones and then slowly head towards the tough ones while practicing. Draw picturesque designs so that after some practice you become used – to it.

  3. Always try to make very less use of eraser while sketching. This will make your lines look more bold and confident.

  4. Focus more on the detailing part like on the human figure and something with more alive expressions, etc.

  5. Try to learn the various patterns of lettering and practice them so that they become handy to you.

  6. The second paper is based on the aesthetic sensitivity of the student. It is a computer based test or can also be said as the online test. As it is the test to check the ability of the candidate in the areas of the imagination, observation, perception, creativity, communication, imaginative comprehension and expression, you have to also work on them. Though these are the basic things which you generally do in your life. Just you have to enhance them.

  7. Plan your paper properly. Attempt all the simple ones first and then go for the complicated ones.

  8. Also don’t forget to plan and set your time to complete the paper and try to answer the entire paper.

  9. In the second paper which has multiple choice questions, you can also attempt the answers of the ones which you are not sure about. There is one benefit that there is no negative marking scheme.

So these were some tricks and tips to crack NATA entrance exam.