Importance of Manual Handling Training

Manual handling relates to the moving of items either by lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing or pulling. It is something that most people will encounter in our work life.
According to the Health & Safety authority of the UK, manual handling causes one-third of the injuries in the workplace. Manual handling seems such an innocent term, describing a seemingly harmless action. Yet without proper training, this can lead to a variety of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). To make sure your staff is having a safe time in the workplace, it is important for them to have a proper manual handling training. We will lead you through some advantages of having a manual handling training

1. Reduce the amount of work-related injuries

While doing manual handling the chances of injuries are always high. Even one instance of improper technique can cause serious damage to muscles and ligaments. Once you have undergone a proper manual handling training you could avoid the chances of injuries.

2. Minimizes the absences in the workplace

Manual handling injuries can have serious implications for the employer. The absence of the employees who are affected by injuries is such a problem. The manual handling course gives guidelines to employees for reducing the risk of injury which automatically increases the attendance of employees. The increase in attendance makes the working of the company smooth

3. Teaches the employees in using mechanical aids

One of the positive outcomes of the manual handling training course is that the employee will get knowledge of using mechanical aids within their own working environment to ensure safety when using machines. Employees who are using mechanical aids will have already been briefed and understood the additional safety requirements necessary to operating those particular machines.

4. Increases the productivity
Manual handling training help increases the awareness of risks involved with lifting and the employees will recognize that their welfare is the top priority. The course will lead to fewer people taking time off work due to injury and this will result in increased productivity.

5. Improve work skills & efficiency

During the training, the employee will obtain certain skills in proper manual handling which he could use during his work schedule. The trainers encourage problem-solving of difficult tasks during the training session. These accrued skills will help to increase the efficiency of their work.

6. Reduction of expenses for the employer

Each time when an injury happens in the worksite or employee is absent from work due to injuries the business loses money because work that would have been done by that employee is left undone. The employer may also have to pay for the medical expenses as the accident has occurred in the workplace. So Investing in these training courses is, therefore, is an investment in the health and safety of your workers and your business.

Imagine the benefits your company will have when you have a proper manual handling training course for your employees. If you think your employees would benefit from manual handling training, make sure that you opt for courses which are taught by experienced and qualified faculties from a reputed training company.