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What is a Full Stack Developer in 2018 and How to Become One?

The year of 2017 has created the highest demand for full stack developers ever. Why is
it happening? In a nutshell, the more skills you have in your profession nowadays, the more
valuable you become. What a benefit it is to have someone who knows everything about app

What Makes Full Stack Developers Special in 2018

If we look through some theoretical aspects, we’ll learn the most widespread meaning
of “the full stack developer”. It is a specialist who prefers working equally good in back-end
and front-end.

Technical Skills of Full Stack Developers in 2018

You should not necessarily become a master in each technology if you concentrate on
both back-end and front-end. But what really matters is your ability and passion to understand
everything that’s going on and make it work. This is a list of things to learn if you’re a
technician or things to ask for if you’re a business owner.

Start with these things:

1) Semantic HTML.
2) Learning the CSS Box Model so you could know its principles and distinctive traits.
3) CSS preprocessors — their benefits for software development.
4) Bootstrap.


Why exactly JavaScript? As it was mentioned in the Stack Overflow’s survey, this
programming language is in the first place for three types of developers (including full
stack). New tools appear regularly so you have to be always on guard.

Start with these things:

Learning working principles of DOM and JSON.
Focusing on the language’s important features: prototypal inheritance, event delegation, etc.
Paying much of your attention to one framework of your choice.
Having a common understanding of testing frameworks.