first aid course


There will always be sometime in all our lives when we are faced with injuries. First Aid has great importance in our daily life, especially when we are in our working environment. It is important for employees to be aware of basic First Aid functions and important for employers to ensure their employees should be given immediate attention if they are subjected to any injury or illness. Inorder to provide adequate support the employees must be aware of basic first aid.

Let’s go through some advantages of First Aid courses

  1. Employees are aware of what to do in emergencies

First aid teaches employees how to treat their colleagues when they are in need of Aid. They instil confidence among employees

2.Keeps the employees safe outside the workplace

The employees who have taken the first aid course can use these skills throughout their life if they update them regularly. This itself is a service to their family and the entire society which increases the sincerity of the employees to the company

3.Save the life of a co worker in an emergency

The first aid course helps the employees to react confidently in emergencies. Incase someone has got an electrical shock or got  a minor attack they could react immediately. They could provide CPR or additional first aids which could save their lives literally.

4, Can use the first aid properly

Their may be a first aid kit in every office which may not be used properly. Once you have knowledge in it you may regularly update the kit for emergencies

  1. Reduce the number of Accidents in the workplace

Once an employee is aware of the fundamentals of first aid course,he should know the way to avoid accidents or injuries upto an extent. This will create a healthy working environment in the company.

  1. Reduce the recovery time

The recovery time from accidents could be reduced as the employees have knowledge in first aid. If someone from the staff is injured his coworker could take care of him and the workcycle could be quickly restored without disturbing the business.

Seems like it’s time to enrol your employees for first Aid courses today! Be sure you are opting for a course with proper accreditation